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SAVE THE DATE: The 5G Huddle 2016 will take place on 26 & 27 April in London. Please check back regularly for updates! 


Thank you to all those who attended the 5G Huddle 2015!


On 13th & 14th October 2015, in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF), in partnership with DI ITEK, hosted ‘The 5G Huddle – Delivering a Sustainable 5G Ecosystem’; 2 days of interactive discussion and debate. 

Speakers include

Mario Campolargo

Mario Campolargo


Net Futures, DG Connect

Adam  Lebech

Adam Lebech

Director of the Industry Association

Confederation of Danish Industries

Chih-Lin I

Chih-Lin I

Chief Scientist of Wireless Technologies

China Mobile Research Institute

Erik Dahlman

Erik Dahlman

Senior Expert in Radio Access Technologies

Ericsson Research

Houlin Zhao*

Houlin Zhao*

Secretary General


Bashir Gwandu

Bashir Gwandu


Commonwealth ITU Group

Paul Crane

Paul Crane

Head of Practice, Mobile, Network Services and Sustainability

BT Research

Jørgen Abild Andersen

Jørgen Abild Andersen


Committee for Digital Economy Policy (CDEP), OECD

Dino Flore

Dino Flore



Wassim  Chourbaji

Wassim Chourbaji

Vice President, Government Affairs Europe, Middle East and North Africa


More Information


Last year’s inaugural 5G Huddle sought to establish the future of 5G, bringing together senior industry and Government leaders to discuss progress towards a global 5G vision. 


This year, the 5G Huddle offered the chance to look at progress made in the 12 months since then, discussing development, investment and infrastructure, to focus on moving towards delivering a sustainable 5G ecosystem. 


The event was a platform to discuss global standardisation, co-operation and interoperability, looking at how a user-centric approach can be used to identify and overcome the obstacles and challenges connected to a 5G future.


Alongside several keynote presentations from industry leaders and experts, specific sessions for this year’s event included:


- Building a Globally Agreed Vision for 5G Development and Deployment

- Investment and Infrastructure – Creating the 5G Architecture

- Making the Leap Forward – Overcoming the Obstacles to 5G Deployment

- The Disruptive Nature of 5G – Revolutionary New Use Cases and Implications for Industry

- 5G Business Cases - New Business Models and Commercial Opportunities Across Different Sectors (using the Automotive Industry as a sector case study)

- Bringing it all Together – Summaries and Conclusions.


If you have any questions or to request further information, please contact Beth Steer on or 02920 783071.




Tue 13 October, 2015 09.00 to
Wed 14 October, 2015 13.00




Confederation of Danish Industry

Hans Christian Andersens Boulevard 18
1787 Copenhagen V

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