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Thank you to everyone who participated in Smart Health 2016!


A selection of photos from the event is now available here.


Throughout Europe, an increasing proportion of GDP is being spent on healthcare, in order to cope with the rising challenges associated with aging populations, chronic diseases (both physical and mental) and public expectation. Based on this, one of the thematic priorities for the European Commission’s Third Health Programme 2014-2020 aims to ‘Contribute to innovative, efficient and sustainable health systems’ with eHealth and innovation playing a vital role to achieve this.


This half-day Forum Europe debate, which took place around the Commission's mid-term review on the second eHealth Action Plan, included both digital innovation and horizontal, cross-sector perspectives, with a view to enabling a deeper, less siloed approach to healthcare thinking in Europe.


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Speakers include

Álvaro Gómez-Meana

Álvaro Gómez-Meana

Worldwide Healthcare Chief Technologist

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Clayton Hamilton

Clayton Hamilton

Unit leader for eHealth and Innovation

WHO Regional Office for Europe

Miguel Gonzalez-Sancho

Miguel Gonzalez-Sancho

Head of Unit, eHealth, Well-Being and Aging

European Commission

Nick Guldemond

Nick Guldemond

Associate Professor Integrated Care & Technology

Institute of Health Policy & Management of Erasmus University Rotterdam

Tapani Piha

Tapani Piha

Head of Unit, Cross-border Healthcare and eHealth

DG SANTE, European Commission

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Topics discussed included:


  • The intermediate review of the second eHealth Action Plan
  • The 'Code of Conduct' on privacy for mhealth apps
  • Innovative healthcare for the 21st century: Fostering a supportive framework for eHealth in Europe 
  • ‘Meeting of the Minds’: Cross-sector sector and industry collaboration to support sustainable and smart health systems
  • Harnessing the power of data innovation for health 



The 2016 SMART SESSIONS is a series of high-level policy debates taking place around the world that explore how IoT is set to disrupt and revolutionise traditional business frameworks across key vertical markets.


The past 12 months has seen a maturing of the IoT ecosystem, with smart technologies and services being rolled out across a number of different sectors. Bringing together dual policy and business audiences, the 2016 SMART SESSIONS will discuss the fundamental changes that these ‘smart markets’ will bring, and the challenges and opportunities ahead.


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Tuesday 15 November, 2016
08.30 to 14.00




The Hotel Brussels

Boulevard de Waterloo 38, 1000 BRUSSELS

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