Global Spectrum Series 2014


For the 9th consecutive year, The European Spectrum Management Conference took place in Brussels in June 2014. The event brought together more that 250 top level speakers and delegates from throughout the European and global spectrum communities.


Thank you to everybody who participated at the event!

You should have by now received details of how to download electronic versions of the PowerPoint slides shown by speakers during the 2 days, but if not or if you have any questions at all then please email


If you did not attend the event and would like to recieve a copy of the speaker presentations, then they are available to purchase for €150. For more information on this, please email or call +44 (0) 2920 783 025.


Event highlights and photographs


Please click here to view the slides delivered at the end of the conference by Ruprecht Niepold (independent spectrum expert) to summarise the key findings and highlights from each of the conference sessions. 


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Speakers include

Roberto Viola

Roberto Viola

Deputy Director General, DG CONNECT

European Commission

François Rancy

François Rancy

Director, Radiocommunication Bureau


Gilles Brégant

Gilles Brégant

Director General, ANFR; and Chair


Alexander Kühn

Alexander Kühn


WRC-15 Conference Preparatory Group, CEPT

Andreas Geiss

Andreas Geiss

Acting Head of Unit, Radio Spectrum Policy

European Commission

More Information


The European Spectrum Management Conference has an established reputation as the leading event of the year for spectrum professionals throughout the region and beyond. The 9th Annual Spectrum Management European Conference will bring together representatives from all the major stakeholders for a detailed and interactive discussion on key issues and developments relating to spectrum management policy in Europe.


Sessions at the event this year included:

  • Where next for Spectrum Policy in Europe?
  • To what extent should European strategy include the co-ordination of spectrum licences and awards?
  • A long term vision for the UHF band - creating a ‘win-win’ situation
  • The US ‘incentive auction’ model – to what extent could a similar approach work in Europe?
  • Promoting the use of WiFi, Small Cells and other offloading technologies
  • Combinatorial Auctions: Success or Failure?
  • What is the future shape of the broadcasting industry as a user of spectrum?
  • Spectrum for 5G and the future networked society
  • What is meant by ‘5G’ and how will it affect how we use spectrum?
  • Increasing the efficiency of public sector spectrum
  • Spectrum Issues and Priorities Ahead of WRC-15: Delivering balanced EU common proposals that meet the needs of all spectrum users


For more information regarding the conference, and to discuss how your organisation can become involved at next year's event, please contact the event manager Tom Chinnock on or +44 (0) 2920 783 025.



Tue 17 June, 2014 08.30 to
Wed 18 June, 2014 17.00




The Management Centre Europe, Brussels

Rue de l'Aqueduc 118
Brussels, 1050

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