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The EU Gas Policy Forum is established as one of the key independent events addressing critical issues for the gas sector. The conference, which brings together over 200 stakeholders from industry, government, civil society and the press, will this year focus on the economics of gas, it’s future as a viable industry, and its role in the development of emissions related policy. Critically, this year’s event will place the future of gas in the context of Europe’s industrial competitiveness and will analyse the connection between energy prices economic growth.


The EU Gas Policy Forum will debate the economic viability of gas against a backdrop of reducing demand and an uncertain political environment. Shale gas - which is an unavoidable topic in this context not least because of the impact the boom in the USA has had on coal imports into Europe - will be discussed, as will the various pipeline projects, developments in which have been the focus of ongoing discussions.  


The conference will gather some 200 delegates and will be an opportunity, before the new Commission and Parliament take their seats, to analyse future policy priorities for the sector.


A full programme and more information about the conference will be released shortly. For more information in the meantime - including details on how you may become further involved - please contact James Wilmott on +44 (0) 2920 783 022 or



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