A big thank you to all those who attended the "Recipes for Sustainable Healthcare" Conference held at the Bibliotheque Solvay in Brussels on 28th May 2013.


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The “Recipes for Sustainable Healthcare” Conference was a multi stakeholder public debate hosted by AbbVie, Philips and the European Public Health Association and included:

  • Presentations from high-level European policy-makers
  • A multi-stakeholder public debate entitled From Crisis to Recovery: how to drive sustainable healthcare together
  • Sharing of pan-European best practices in sustainable healthcare
  • Workshops to cast light on the experience of living with chronic disease and empowerment strategies


What's cooking in European Healthcare?

In an environment of demographic change and economic constraints, the pressures on healthcare and social systems are extraordinary. Current solutions to this crisis centre on cutting headline costs rather than investing in keeping people healthy and productive. We believe an innovative approach, focusing on sustainable healthcare to ensure individuals reach old age in good health, is both preferable and necessary.


Let's put sustainable policies on the table

Whilst good work has already begun to address the sustainability of healthcare systems, this conference went further and offered concrete ideas and solutions that will help inform a more sustainable, forward-thinking healthcare environment for the future.



Tuesday 28 May, 2013
12.30 to 19.45




Bibliothèque Solvay

Parc LĂ©opold
Rue Belliard 137
1040 Brussels

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Recipes for Sustainable Healthcare