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Thank you to the 350+ delegates who attended the 4th Annual European Data Protection and Privacy Conference.


The 5th edition of this conference will be taking place in late 2014 - more information is available at If you would like to discuss opportunities for speaking, sponsorship or other involvement in the 2014 conference, please contact Jessie Atkinson: or +44 (0) 2920 783 029.


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The huge changes seen since the EU’s Data Protection Directive was first introduced in 1995 have led to a need for an updated and harmonised set of rules governing the handling of personal data. Responding to this, the European Commission released a proposal for the reform of the Data Protection Directive in January 2012, and since then the impact that the reforms will have in Europe and globally has been hotly debated.

As the amended regulation reaches agreement in the European Parliament, and negotiations in the European Council begin, this conference asks what shape the new rules should take in order to best protect the privacy of European citizens, whilst continuing to support innovation and growth in the digital economy. It explores what the new roles and obligations will be for those responsible for implementing and enforcing the regulation, and examines whether in their current state the proposals represent the most efficient way of harmonising data protection rules across 28 member states. Finally, the event provides an opportunity to discuss how the updated EU legislation will fit with privacy frameworks outside of Europe, asking what the future holds for the cross-border flow of data in a globalised world.

Sessions at the event include:
- What will the new data protection rules mean for the future shape of the European digital landscape?
- How can industry and governments prepare for the practical implementation of the reforms?
- How best to ensure the interoperability of the new EU rules with privacy frameworks worldwide?



Tuesday 17 September, 2013
08.30 to 17.30




Crowne Plaza - Le Palace

Rue Gineste 3

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