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According to a recent study by the European Commission 89 million tonnes and 179 Kg per capita of food are wasted every year in the European Union. By 2020 this could increase by over 40% when at the same time FAO estimates that food security is at risk as a 50% increase in food supply may be needed by 2030 to serve global demand.

Speakers include

Anna Maria  Corazza Bildt

Anna Maria Corazza Bildt


European Parliament

Eric Poudelet

Eric Poudelet

Director, Safety of the food chain, DG Health and Consumers

European Commission

Richard Swannell

Richard Swannell

Director of Design & Waste Prevention


Julian Hilton-Johnson

Julian Hilton-Johnson

Vice-President Corporate Relations & Chief of Staff to the President

McDonald's Europe

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Such figures focus attention and raise pressure to address this modern day paradox. Non-Governmental Organisations, business, policy makers and key opinion formers have set their sights on the issue and called for collective action. This led to the inclusion of food waste in the ‘Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe’ by the European Commission in September 2011 setting a target of reducing edible food waste by 50% by 2020 and will address the issue of food waste as part of a European Commission Communication on Sustainable Food. The European Parliament adopted a Resolution on Food Waste, which set a reduction target of 50% of all food waste by 2025. Food waste has therefore become a priority in the EU but also in other parts of the world.


All stakeholders have a role to play to minimise food waste, including business, e.g. by making their own operations more efficient but also by raising awareness and helping consumers in their efforts. This free to attend event brought the stakeholders together to discuss the practical ways and means of reducing food waste on the one hand and when there is inevitably food waste on the other, what can be done to maximise its use with a focus on examples of existing initiatives and to identify the barriers to further improve the situation.


For more information regarding this event, please call David Moseley to discuss the event in more detail on +44 (0) 2920 783 028 or email



Tuesday 5 March, 2013
09.30 to 13.00

GMT +1



Stanhope Hotel

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