Compassion in World Farming and the FAO would like to extend a warm thanks to all those who participated at the lecture event held in Brussels on the 20th March. The event gathered over 200 diplomats, policy-makers, MEPs and stakeholders for a fascinating evening of inspiration, idea-sharing and solution-seeking with an elite group of first-rate speakers.



You can download the press release from the evening in English, Italian, French and German below:







Speakers Included:

- Dr Olivier De Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food speaking on “Managing the transition towards sustainable food systems”.


- Dr Modibo Traoré, Assistant Director-General (Agriculture and Consumer Protection) at the FAO speaking on  “How can we achieve sustainable livestock farming in developing countries?”


- Despina Spanou, Principal Advisor, Directorate General for Health and Consumers, European Commission


- Philip Lymbery, Chief Executive, Compassion in World Farming, on “A Vision for the future of farming”.


- Jeremy Wates, Secretary General, European Environmental Bureau speaking on "Towards a greener agriculture".


Jean-Pierre Halkin, Head of Unit DEVCO/C1, EuropeAid, European Commission on 'Supporting food security and sustainable farming in developing countries'


More Information:

Modern agricultural practices produce food and feed on a massive scale – yet still nearly a billion people suffer hunger every day, while a billion are overweight or obese. 


Current food production methods can have negative impacts on people, animals and the planet.


The FAO’s major report, ‘Livestock’s Long Shadow’ (2006) found that “Remedies are urgently needed” and the Director of the IAASTD project (2008) said that  “Business as usual is not an option”.


So what is the way forward? How can we ensure that everyone has sufficient and nutritious food, produced by methods which protect, rather than devastate, the planet and all its inhabitants? What part can the CAP play in achieving a better way forward?


The lecture event seeks to offer positive, inclusive and cross-sector alternatives to the problematic model of “Business as usual”. We warmly invite you to join our expert speakers to establish how we can embed these alternatives to help ensure fair food and farming for the future.





Tuesday 20 March, 2012
18.00 to 22.00




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