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Speaker Biographies

Confirmed Speakers

Nigel Jefferies

Nigel Jefferies

Chairman, WWRF


Nigel Jefferies is a senior standards manager with Huawei Technologies and Chairman of the Wireless World Research Forum, a global partnership between industry and academia to develop a research agenda for mobile communications. Previously he was Head of Academic Relationships within Vodafone Group Research & Development and a Principal Mathematician at Racal Research Ltd. In the past he led the European-funded IST project SHAMAN, which studied the security of future mobile systems, and ran the Secure Applications Steering Group for Mobile VCE. Other collaborative research projects on various aspects of security for mobile communications include 3GS3 in the UK-funded LINK programme, and ASPeCT and USECA in the European ACTS programme. His research interests include cryptography, security of systems and applications of mathematics to telecommunications. He received a PhD in functional analysis from Goldsmith's College, London, and an MA in mathematics from the Queen's College, Oxford, and is a visiting professor at Kingston University. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and a Chartered Mathematician.

Kohei Satoh

Kohei Satoh

Executive Manager on Standardization, ARIB and Secretary General, 5GMF


Dr. Kohei Satoh joined the Electrical Communication Laboratories, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation (NTT), Japan, in 1975, and transferred to NTT Mobile Communications Network, Inc. (NTT DOCOMO) in 1992. Since 1975, he has been engaged in the research on radio propagation for satellite communication systems, research and development of mobile satellite communications and mobile communications systems. After 1985, he has been also engaged in standardization activities of mobile satellite services in ITU-R and international alliance activities for IMT-2000.

In July 2002, he moved from NTT DoCoMo to the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB). He is now an Executive Manager on Standardization of ARIB, and his current job is to promote R&D and standardization activities for the 5th Generation Mobile Communications System. And, he is Chairman of APT Wireless Group and Secretary General of the 5th Generation Mobile Communications Promotion Forum (5GMF).

Dr. Satoh is a member of the IEEE and the Institute of Electronics, Information, and Communication Engineers of Japan, and a Fellow of Wireless World Research Forum.

Mario Maniewicz

Mario Maniewicz

Director, Radiocommunications Bureau, ITU (Video presentation)


Mr. Mario Maniewicz was elected Director of the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau at the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2018 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He took office on 1 January 2019.

Mario Maniewicz is an electronic engineer specialized in telecommunications. He has been with the ITU for over 30 years, where he has held various positions of responsibility in the Radiocommunication and Development Bureaux as well as in ITU Regional Offices.

As Director, Mr. Maniewicz is responsible for the management of the Radiocommunication Bureau, which organizes and co-ordinates the work of the Radiocommunication Sector whose aim is to ensure the rational, equitable, efficient and economical use of the radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbits.

Miurel  Tercero

Miurel Tercero

Research Leader in Deployment and Spectrum at Ericsson Research Radio, Ericsson


She received her technical licentiate in Telecommunications from the Royal Instituted of Technology (KTH), Stockholm in 2011.

Miurel has been working at Ericsson Research for 8 years since the early development of 5G concept. She holds several patents in mobile communication, and several publications on spectrum management.

She has been active in the EU Horizon 2020 framework, taking part of METIS-2020 project and being the Technical Manager for mmMAGIC project.

Currently, she is Research Leader for the Deployment and Spectrum team at Ericsson Research in Sweden. She is the driver for Ericsson Research’s Spectrum Strategy and responsible to set into motion internal workstreams, while overlooking at several research projects and collaborations.

Hendrik Berndt

Hendrik Berndt

Vice Chair for Europe, Middle East, Africa, WWRF


Since 2014 Dr. Berndt has dedicated himself to positions as Senior Advisor to worldwide partners in Asia, the Americas and Europe to contribute to solutions for the bigger global societal ICT challenges.

He is advisor to the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) Japan and continuously appointed to support the European Commission for defining the next generation mobile system’s research directions.

As a founder of the 2015 established International Institute for Innovation Aysén–Patagonia, he has been supporting sustainable natural resource exploitation, by applying IoT to develop solutions for environmental issues within the uniqueness of the region of Patagonia.

He is board member of the IEEE ComSoc Industry Communities Board, and coordinator of its 5G activities. He is member of the European Technology Platform NetWorld 2020 Expert Group.

Berndt is member of the Strategic Advisory Board of TOUCAN, a large research endeavors, funded by the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

From January 2001 until May 2014 Berndt held the position as Chief Technology Officer & Chief Science Officer of DOCOMO’s Communications Laboratories in Europe. From 2000 to 2010 he has been teaching concurrently as Visiting Professor at the Global Information and Telecommunication Institute, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.

Dr. Berndt was stationed from 1993 until end of 2000 in the USA, during these years he was working within Bellcore, Red Bank, NJ; as Executive Director of Advanced Technology for Global One in Reston, Virginia; as invited member of Sprint's Office of Network and Architecture Planning in Kansas and held the position as Chief Technology Officer of the TINA-C headquarters in New Jersey, USA.

Takehiro Nakamura

Takehiro Nakamura

SVP and General Manager of 5G Labs, NTT Docomo


Mr. Takehiro Nakamura joined NTT Laboratories in 1990. He is now SVP and General Manager of the 5G Laboratories in NTT DOCOMO, Inc.

Mr. Nakamura has been engaged in the standardization activities for the W-CDMA, HSPA, LTE/LTE-Advanced and 5G at ARIB in Japan since 1997. He has been the Acting Chairman of Strategy & Planning Committee of 5G Mobile Communications Promotion Forum (5GMF) in Japan since October 2014.

Mr. Nakamura has also been contributing to standardization activities in 3GPP since1999, including as a contributor to 3GPP TSG-RAN as chairman from April 2009 to March 2013.

He is also very active in standardization of C-V2X/Connected Car in ARIB and ITS Info-communications Forum in Japan. He is now a leader of Cellular System Application Task Group of ITS Info-communications Forum.

Takaharu Nakamura

Takaharu Nakamura

Principal Engineer, Network Business Strategy Office, Fujitsu Ltd


Mr. Takaharu Nakamura joined Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. in 1983 and moved to Fujitsu Limited in 2003, where he was engaged in the development of mobile radio communications systems.

He has been participating in standardization activities for mobile communication systems of 3rd, 4th and 5th generation since 1998. In the meantime, he served as chairman of 3GPP TSG-RAN-WG4 from 2007 to 2011 and a vice chairman of 3GPP TSG-RAN from 2013 till 2017. He is appointed as a vice chairman of Mobile Partnership Subcommittee, Advanced Wireless Communications Study Committee of the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB), serving as an acting chairman of Technical committee, The Fifth Generation Mobile Communications Promotion Forum (5GMF), and a member of the Institute of Electronics, Information, and Communication Engineers (IEICE) of Japan.

Anand R. Prasad

Anand R. Prasad

Chief Information Security Officer, Rakuten Mobile


Dr. Anand R. Prasad is the global executive for information and cyber security who has delivered security for 5G, 4G, network function virtualization, WiFi and mobile devices for secure connectivity towards a safer society. Anand has globally propagated the concept of security as the business driver with security being holistic as well as inherent to a system while considering business and architectural implications.

Anand is Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Rakuten Mobile Network responsible of 4G, 5G and network security. Prior to joining Rakuten, Anand has over 20 years of experience in the mobile and wireless networking industry with key roles in NEC Corporation, NTT DOCOMO, Genista Corporation, Lucent Technologies and Uniden Corporation. Anand is an innovator with over 50 patents, a recognized keynote speaker (RSA, Global Wireless Summit (GWS), MWC, ICT etc.) and a prolific writer with 6 books & over 50 peer reviewed publications.

Anand was the Chairman of 3GPP SA3 -the mobile communications security and privacy group- and governing council member of TSDSI. He is governing body member of GISFI, Fellow of IET, Fellow of IETE and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Byungsuk  Kim

Byungsuk Kim

VP, Next- generation Technology, Network Group, Korea Telecom


Dr. Byungsuk Kim is a VP at KT(Korea Telecom) Network Group. He has more than 20 years of experience in research, product development, spectrum strategy and strategic planning in Telecommunications.

He has been working on 5G network and technical strategy since 2015, and managed projects to develop the 5G specifications and systems for the world’s first broad-scale 5G trial service at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games. He is currently responsible for 5G technology & spectrum strategy at KT.

Prior to joining KT in 2011, Dr. Kim worked for Samsung Electronics in Korea and Telcordia Technologies in U.S.A. His areas of expertise include IP networking, multi-RAT interworking, LTE/LTE-Advanced and 5G technologies.

Adrian Scrase

Adrian Scrase

CTO, ETSI; and Head of Mobile Competence Centre, 3GPP


Adrian Scrase is CTO within ETSI with operational responsibility for all of ETSI’s standards production activities. He has more than 30 years of experience in the telecommunications field, which includes 25 years of experience in standardization.

He played a central role in the creation of the “3rd Generation Partnership Project” (3GPP) and is responsible for the operations of the 3GPP Project Co-ordination Group. He heads 3GPPs’ Mobile Competence Centre (MCC) which is an International team of 20 experts who provide comprehensive support to the Project.

He was also principally involved in the formation of the “oneM2M” Partnership Project and oversees ETSI’s support to that initiative.

Philip  Marnick

Philip Marnick

Group Director, Spectrum, Ofcom


Philip is Group Director, Spectrum at Ofcom, where he is responsible for setting and implementing the strategy for managing spectrum including clearing, awarding, licensing, monitoring and enforcement.

Philip has over 30 years’ experience within the wireless communications industry. He has held senior executive positions covering technology, operations and strategy in both. Philip has worked in both start-up (from initial concept to sale) and large corporates in companies ranging from UK Broadband, O2, Orange, BT, J-Phone in Japan (now Softbank Mobile), Extreme Mobile and SpinVox (now Nuance).

Bernard Barani

Bernard Barani

Deputy head of Unit - Future Connectivity Systems, European Commission


Bernard Barani graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne in 1982. He then worked as communications engineer in industry on military infrared systems and then with the European Space Agency on advanced satcom programmes.

In 1994, he joined the European Commission and was responsible for implementation of research and policy issues in wireless communication, Internet, audio visual systems, Software and Services. He has been Deputy head of unit for research and policy in the field of Internet of Things systems.

He is currently Acting head of unit in charge of research and innovation on Network Technologies in the CONNECT Directorate General of the European Commission. He is responsible for the definition and implementation of the research strategy related to future networks under the 5G Public Private Partnership and to systems based on connected objects (IoT) in support of EU industry competitiveness. He is also responsible for the 5G/IoT standardisation and IPR related work.

Masao Akata

Masao Akata

CTO, Carrier Network Business Group, Huawei Technologies Japan


Mr. Masao Akata has over 35 years of experience in development and technical marketing for Japanese network infrastructure industry. He is currently CTO of Carrier Business Group, Huawei Technologies Japan K. K.

Prior to joining Huawei Japan, he took lead on technical marketing and commercial introduction of mobile network technologies such as WiMAX and LTE in Samsung Japan, NSN Japan and Motorola Japan. In his earlier career, he was also engaged in R&D for PSTN, ISDN and ATM (B-ISDN) systems for Japanese network infrastructure as well as ASIC devices for those systems at NEC. He holds BS in Electronics Engineering and MS in Information Engineering from University of Tokyo.

Li Fung Chang

Li Fung Chang

Chief Architect, Taiwan 5G Office


Dr. Li Fung Chang is the Chief Architect (2015-present) of the 5G program Office in Taiwan. In this role, she is responsible for setting up 5G master plan, strategy direction for this program as well as providing technical consultation and guidance to the engineering teams working under this project. Prior to this position, she was a Senior Director of Engineering at Broadcom Corp, - Mobile and Wireless Group and led Broadcom system team to support multi-mode 2G/3G/4G cellular SOC modem design/implementation across multi-sites. She is a veteran from AT&T research Labs and Telcordia.

Dr. Chang holds over 85 US patents and many international patents in the area of wireless communications. She is a Chair Professor with NCTU (National Chiao Tung University, HsinChu, Taiwan), fellow of the IEEE (2001), senior advisor at III, Taiwan.

She received her Ph.D. degree from University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign in 1985 and was a visiting research graduate student at Caltech from Dec. 1982-1985.

Werner Mohr

Werner Mohr

Head of Research Alliances, Nokia


Werner Mohr was graduated from the University of Hannover, Germany, with the Master Degree in electrical engineering in 1981 and with the Ph.D. degree in 1987.

Dr. Werner Mohr joined Siemens AG, Mobile Network Division in Munich, Germany in 1991. He was involved in several EU funded projects and ETSI standardization groups on UMTS and systems beyond 3G. Werner Mohr coordinated several EU and Eureka Celtic funded projects on 3G (FRAMES project), LTE and IMT-Advanced radio interface (WINNER I, II and WINNER+ projects), which developed the basic concepts for future radio standards. Since April 2007 he is with Nokia Solutions and Networks (now Nokia) in Munich Germany, where he is Head of Research Alliances. In addition, he was chairperson of the NetWorld2020 European Technology Platform until December 2016. Werner Mohr was Chair of the Board of the 5G Infrastructure Association in 5G PPP of the EU Commission from its launch until December 2016. He was chair of the "Wireless World Research Forum – WWRF" from its launch in August 2001 up to December 2003. He was member of the board of ITG in VDE from 2006 to 2014. He is co-author of a book on "Third Generation Mobile Communication Systems" a book on "Radio Technologies and Concepts for IMT-Advanced" and a book “Mobile and Wireless Communications for IMT-Advanced and Beyond”. In December 2016 Werner Mohr received the IEEE Communications Society Award for Public Service in the Field of Telecommunications and in November 2018 he received the VDE ITG Fellowship 2018.

Hitoshi Yoshino

Hitoshi Yoshino

Deputy Director, Advanced Technology Division, SoftBank Corporation


Dr. Hitoshi Yoshino joined SoftBank Corporation, Tokyo, Japan in 2009. he has been involved in several research projects in the areas of mobile radio communication systems, including 4G, 5G and C-V2X. He is currently a Deputy Director in Advanced Technology Division, Softbank Corporation.

He is also a Board Director of SB Drive Corporation, in which he is working on future mobility services, including automated driving.

He is a Member of IEEE and IEICE of Japan. He currently serves as chairman of WG5 (New Technologies, including ITS) of ITU-R WP5A.

Yoko Kurosawa

Yoko Kurosawa

Deputy General Manager, Next Generation Network Development, KDDI Corporation


Yoko Kurosawa joined KDD, Tokyo Japan in 1997. After engaging in the development of optical undersea cable systems for 5 years.

She has been participating in standardization activities for WiMAX, LTE and LTE-Advanced, and engaging in the development of BWA (Broadband Wireless Access) systems and mobile radio communication systems.

She is now Deputy General Manager of Next Generation Network Development in KDDI and has been engaged in field trials and the development of a 5G system since 2017.

Richard Womersley

Richard Womersley

Director, Spectrum Consulting, LS Telcom


Richard is director of spectrum consulting for LS telcom. He has 20 over years consulting and business experience working in the radio spectrum management, public telecommunications, digital broadcasting and satellite industries. He has worked for regulators, network operators, financiers, governments and end-users on issues covering national and international policy; regulation and its impact; pricing, auctions and licensing; cost modelling and tariff setting; planning and consultation; network specification and procurement; and digital switch-over. His work has been international in nature having taken him to every continent except Antarctica. Richard is also an experienced trainer having been running courses on spectrum management and policy for over 15 years.

In addition to providing consultancy advice and training, Richard’s career has embraced roles in a military communications company, as a transmission manager for BBC World Service and business manager for the UK’s largest broadcast infrastructure provider ntl: (now Arqiva) giving him a broad perspective on telecommunications and broadcast technologies and industries, their commercialisation and their regulation.

Sudhir Dixit

Sudhir Dixit

Vice Chair of the Americas region, WWRF


Dr. Sudhir Dixit is a Senior Fellow and Evangelist of Basic Internet at the Basic Internet Foundation and heads its US operations. He is also a Board Member & Working Group Chair at the Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF). From 2015 to 2017 he was the CEO and Co-Founder of a start-up, Skydoot, Inc, in the cloud-based and collaboration space. From December 2013 to April 2015, he was a Distinguished Chief Technologist and CTO of the Communications and Media Services for the Americas Region of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services in Palo Alto, CA, and prior to this he was the Director of Hewlett-Packard Labs India from September 2009. From June 2009 to August 2009, he was a Director at HP Labs in Palo Alto. Before joining HP, he held various leadership positions at BlackBerry, Nokia, NSN and Verizon Communications.

Sudhir Dixit has 21 patents granted by the US PTO and has published over 200 papers and edited, co-edited, or authored eight books by Wiley, Springer and Artech House. He has been a technical editor of IEEE Communications Magazine, and is presently on the editorial boards of IEEE Spectrum Magazine, Cambridge University Press Wireless Series and Springer’s Wireless Personal Communications Journal. From 2010 to 2012, he was an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Davis, and, since 2010, he has been a Docent of Broadband Mobile Communications for Emerging Economies at the University of Oulu, Finland. A Life Fellow of the IEEE, Fellow of IET and IETE, Dixit holds a Ph.D. from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, U.K. and an M.B.A. from the Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida.

Simon  Fletcher

Simon Fletcher

CTO, Real Wireless; Advisory board member, UK5G, Real Wireless and UK5G


Simon joined Real Wireless in January 2016 as Chief Technology Officer, taking responsibility for overall technical and innovation strategy. He has chaired various conference committees including the Cambridge Wireless Annual International Conference and is recognised as a thought leader regularly speaking at industry events. His long-standing association with the UK innovation eco-system through roles such as Director of mVCE and the Innovate-UK ICT-KTN brings a wealth of practical knowledge on the application of open innovation to accelerate product and services delivery. Simon spent the past 20 years working in telecoms infrastructure systems and product development. In NEC Corporation he played a key role in the formation of Joint Ventures for the development of 3G and 4G products and established a Core Team that developed the first-generation of technology for 4G systems, ultimately representing NEC in a Steering Board position in the LTE SAE Trials Initiative (LSTI) during the early commercial product launch. In recent times he has directed projects in the area of future cities, the application of 5G and IoT in industry verticals with an event horizon towards 2030. He directs the Real Wireless engagement in H2020 5G-NORMA (also serving at the project level as the Innovation Manager), 5G-MoNArch and UK5G AutoAir project establishing new techno-economic analysis tool capability. He led a study for the UKs National Infrastructure Commission on Future Communications infrastructure use cases and costs, and is now a member of the recently formed UK5G Advisory Board.

Marcus  Wong

Marcus Wong

Principal Researcher, Huawei Technologies


Mr Wong Marcus has over 20 years of experience in the wireless network security field with AT&T Bell Laboratories, AT&T Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, and Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology. He is CISSP certified.

Marcus has concentrated his research and work in many aspects of security in wireless communication systems. Marcus joined Huawei Technologies (USA) in 2007 and continued his focus on research and standardization. Marcus has held elected official positions in both WWRF and 3GPP. He also served as guest editor in the IEEE Vehicular Technology magazine. As an active contributor, author, and publisher, he has shared his security research on a variety of whitepapers, book chapters, and speaking engagements

Tim Miller

Tim Miller

Partner, Plum Consulting


Tim Miller is a Partner at Plum and specialises in the application of economic theory to telecommunications issues, with a particular focus on regulation, competition, and spectrum policy and strategy. His advice has been used by operators to lobby for changes to regulation, and by operators to form regulatory policy and strategy.

Tim has developed models and analytical tools for operators, regulators and governments around the world to assess the value of spectrum and how it should be awarded. He has also provided advice on how spectrum may be used from both a technical and regulatory perspective in mobile and fixed networks. His work considers the analysis of markets and company interactions, both in terms of their impact on spectrum awards and on regulation in general. He is adept at applying established regulations to emerging markets, particularly those in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, but is keen to develop new regulatory thinking to reflect the changing nature of today’s telecommunications markets, applied to markets worldwide.

Tim has applied game theory to market interactions to enable operators and regulators to understand likely outcomes of decisions, and how to mitigate against unwanted effects. His work has also included mobile broadband regulation, the estimation of demand for data traffic, economic impact and cost benefit analyses, the pricing of regulated services, broadcasting cost models, undersea cable disputes, mobile number portability, universal service cost calculations, and structural separation.

Bharat Bhatia

Bharat Bhatia

President, ITU-APT Foundation of India


Mr. Bharat Bhatia has over 40 years of experience in Telecom and ICT policy, regulations and spectrum management.

Mr. Bhatia is the President of ITU-APT Foundation of India and is leading India’s spectrum initiatives for 5G at the ITU and the APT. Mr. Bhatia also currently heads International spectrum and Regulatory team at Motorola Solutions’ Government Affairs and leads a global team of Spectrum and regulatory resources in Motorola Solutions.
Mr. Bhatia is also the of the PPDR working group under the ITU study group 5D that is responsible for all spectrum issues for 5G as well as Chairman of the APT Task Group on Public Safety and Disaster Relief communications-PPDR and Chairman . He is also the founder President of the Core Group of Telecom Industries Association of India (CTIA).

Earlier he was also the President of TEMA (Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association of India) and a Vice President of Association of Telecom Industries of Singapore (ATIS).

Mr. Bhatia is an expert on spectrum, ICT Policy, Regulations, public safety and emergency and disaster relief communications. Mr Bhatia works closely with many Asian, European and African governments on issues of Policy and regulations concerning PPDR, Spectrum, ICT technologies and services..

Mr. Bhatia regularly attends and speaks at various Global conferences and meetings and has been actively participating in various ITU and Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT) meetings including all World Radio Conferences during the last 18 years. He was a senior regulator with the Indian Government for 22 years as a spectrum regulator and Telecom policy specialist and was actively involved in opening of the Indian telecom to the private sector, including the first ever GSM metro licensing in India through a beauty contest in 1992 designed by him. He was also a key architect of India’s first ever National Frequency Allocation Plan (NFAP) in 1981 and the first ever published NFAP in 2000.

Mr. Bhatia was the key originator of ITU World Radio Conference Resolution (WRC) 646 on PPDR approved at WRC-2003. He was also the key originator of the WRC Agenda under which Resolution 646 on PPDR was successfully revised to include 700 and 800 MHz bands at the WRC-15 He has made presentations on the issue of PPDR at numerous global and regional conferences around the world during last 15 years. He was also invited by the ITU to help develop the emergency communications plans in various AP countries. In particular He was involved in the development of National Emergency Telecommunication plan for Samoa.

Prior to joining Motorola, Mr. Bhatia was with government of India for 22years as a spectrum regulator and Telecom policy specialist. He was also actively involved in formulation and implementation of of India’s ICT policy. He regularly attends various ITU and Asia Pacific Telecommunity conferences and meetings and has attended various World Radio Conferences

Mr. Bharat Bhatia holds a B. E. degree from University of Delhi in Electronics and Telecommunications and is a fellow member of IETE, the Institution of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineers. Mr. Bhatia has completed a number of management courses from various institutes and universities including National University of Singapore and George Washington University.

Knud Erik  Skouby

Knud Erik Skouby

Professor, Aalborg University-Copenhagen


Knud Erik Skouby is professor and founding director of center for Communication, Media and Information technologies, Aalborg University-Copenhagen - a center providing a focal point for multi-disciplinary research and training in applications of CMI. Has a career as a university teacher and within consultancy since 1972. Working areas: Techno-economic Analyses; Development of mobile/ wireless applications and services: Regulation of telecommunications. Project manager and partner in a number of international, European and Danish research projects. Served on a number of public committees within telecom, IT and broadcasting; as a member of boards of professional societies; as a member of organizing boards, evaluation committees and as invited speaker on international conferences; published a number of Danish and international articles, books and conference proceedings. Editor in chief of Nordic and Baltic Journal of Information and Communication Technologies (NBICT); Board member of the Danish Media Committee. Chair of WGA in Wireless World Research Forum; Dep. chair IEEE Denmark. Member of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, AAU.

Paris Mashile

Paris Mashile

Councillor, ICASA


Since Councillor Paris Mashile joined ICASA as a councillor in 2004, just four years after the regulatory authority was formed through a merger of the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) and the South African Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (SATRA) in 2000, the ICT landscape has changed dramatically.

Shortly after joining the authority, Mashile was appointed ICASA chairman, a position he held from 2005 to 2010 leading a team of nine (9) Councillors in decision making on matters pertaining to the licensing and issuance of Electronics Communication Network and Service, (ECNS &ECS) Broadcasting and Postal service licences; developing regulations on markets where there is lack of effective competition, Interconnections, Universal Service Obligation, Protecting and Promoting consumer interests through enforcement and monitoring of compliance of licence terms and conditions imposed on operators, management of scarce resources such as frequency spectrum and numbers.

The remit encompassed facilitating the convergence of the telecommunication, broadcasting, and IT sectors. When his tenure ended in June in 2010 he joined Sentech, the signal distributor as a non-executive director and for a while as the acting Chairperson. During that period he was working fulltime as a Programme Director at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) on Digital Multimedia Communication.

Councillor Mashile has long held a passion for ICT. He has a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, specialising in the field of Fibre Optics Communications from Washington University in St. Louis. MO, USA and a Master of Science in Physics in the field of Semiconductor Laser Physics from Lancaster University in the UK. His undergraduate degree was a BSc (Hons) in Physics and Electronic Engineering (combined) from Leeds University in the UK.

Councillor Mashile served the following organizations and institutions before he joined the Authority:

• Amoco Technology – Research Engineer in Lifetime testing of semiconductor diode laser;
• Lecturer in Physics at the University of Botswana;
• Project Manager at Siemens in Railway signalling and communication;
• Chief Electronics Engineer at Rand Water; focusing on Electro-magnetic water Flowmeters
• Rustenburg Local Municipality: General Manager-Infrastructure development and management.

It’s been just over 26 months since Paris Mashile re-joined the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) as a councillor.

He is responsible for the engineering and technology portfolios, in which he deals with spectrum, Square Kilometre Array (SKA), 5G forum, IMT 2020 and Call Termination.

He was acting as the Chairperson of the Authority from September to December 2017 until a permanent chairperson was appointed by the Minister of Communication.

Professional Membership

• Academy of Regulatory Professionals (Founding Member) UF Public Utility Research Center, Warrington College of Business Administration, University of Florida
• IODSA – Institute of Directors



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