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Speaker Biographies

Pictures and biographies for the speakers at this event will appear here shortly, so please check back regularly. In the meantime if you have any questions or need anything further then please get in touch with Dan Craft on +44 (0) 2920 783 021 or


Ed Richards

Ed Richards

Chief Executive, Ofcom


Ed Richards is the Chief Executive of Ofcom, appointed in October 2006.

Previously Ed was Chief Operating Officer, responsible for Strategy, Market Research, Finance, HR and other functions.

Strategy responsibilities included Ofcom’s strategic thinking on the communications sector and covering economic issues and consumer policy.

Ed was previously Senior Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister (Tony Blair) for Media, telecoms, the internet and e govt and Controller of Corporate Strategy at the BBC.

He has also worked in consulting at London Economics Ltd, for Gordon Brown MP, for the N.C.U. and began his career as a researcher with Diverse Production Ltd where he worked on programmes for Channel 4.

Ed is currently a Director of Thames Water Utilities Limited, a Director of Donmar Warehouse, a Trustee of The Teaching Awards Trust.

Pearse O'Donohue

Pearse O'Donohue

Head of Unit for Radio Spectrum Policy, European Commission


Pearse O'Donohue is responsible for the development and implementation of policies for efficient spectrum use and a coordinated approach to frequency management in the EU. This also involves the development of spectrum harmonisation measures in the electronic communications field and in other internal market sectors such as transport and research. He is Chairman of the EU Radio Spectrum Committee.

Prior to taking over his current post in June 2008, Pearse O'Donohue was the Assistant to the Director-General of DG INFSO (Information Society and Media). Before that, he was Deputy Head of the Unit responsible for monitoring and enforcing implementation of the EU regulatory framework in electronic communications, where he dealt amongst other things with spectrum authorisation and broadband access issues.

Pearse O'Donohue began his career in the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs, from which he was posted to the Permanent Representation of Ireland to the EU in Brussels. In 1991 he was appointed Assistant Director of the Brussels office of the Irish Business & Employers' Confederation and in 1995 he joined the European Commission.

Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell

Senior Director, Technology Policy, Microsoft


Mitchell assumed his current role in July 2011. He is responsible for strategic technology policy initiatives in the areas of spectrum, power consumption, and broadband.

Prior to his current position Paul held a variety of senior positions including General Manager, Interoperability and Standards and, with the Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division General Manager of Policy and Standards, Chief of Staff for Microsoft TV, and GM of Microsoft TV’s Tools and Applications Product Unit delivering authoring and development products supporting Microsoft TV as well as a suite of .NET-based interactive TV applications.

Prior to joining Microsoft TV he headed a Digital TV Content Team working with networks and studios to develop enhanced TV based on Internet technologies, Mitchell and his team produced more than 2,000 hours of enhanced television, including futuristic HDTV content prototypes and content for MSNBC.

In 1993, as a member of the Advanced Consumer Technology Division, Mitchell was involved in Microsoft’s early trials of the Microsoft Interactive TV System in Redmond, Wash., and Japan. He joined Microsoft as a product manager in the Developer Tools Division, where he helped secure developer adoption of Microsoft’s professional C and C++ products. He was responsible for launching Microsoft C7, Microsoft Visual C++, and Microsoft Visual C++ for Windows NT.

Prior to joining Microsoft in 1991, Mitchell was a senior marketing manager at Raima Corporation, a developer of database products. There he launched the company’s first object-oriented toolkit, created an international distribution strategy and developed a distribution and consultant network.

Mitchell is a frequent speaker at industry conferences on the evolving nature of broadband, the role of interoperability and open standards in the market place, and the impact of technology shifts on media.

Mitchell has served on the board of directors of, and Vision TV and SVOX, and currently serves on the board of the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS).

Jim Connolly

Jim Connolly

Senior Spectrum Advisor, ComReg and Rapporteur for the review of spectrum use, Radio Spectrum Policy Group


Jim Connolly is the senior advisor to ComReg on management of the radio spectrum. He led the team which ran the 3G licence competitions and selected the mobile licences for the Irish market.

He is the ComReg representative in the RSPG and is rapporteur for that group on the review of spectrum use as proposed in the Radio Spectrum Policy Programme.

From 2003 until March 2008 Jim was chairman of the CEPT Frequency Management Working Group which deals with harmonisation of use of the radio spectrum across the 48 European member countries of CEPT.

Prior to joining ComReg in January 2000, Jim worked at the European Radiocommunications Office (ERO) in Copenhagen for 4 years as a frequency management expert primarily focusing on harmonisation of frequency usage throughout Europe. During that period he was chairman of the CEPT Short Range Device Maintenance Group which developed the well known CEPT Recommendation ERC70-03 on short range devices.

Before joining ERO he was with the UK Radiocommunications Agency for 15 years in various frequency management positions covering fixed services, space services and long term strategic planning including reviews of spectrum usage.

Edgar Reihl

Edgar Reihl

Director of Advanced Development, Shure, Inc.


Edgar Reihl is a Technology Director at Shure Incorporated in Niles, Illinois U.S.A. Edgar holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Northwestern University and an M.B.A. degree from Keller Graduate School of Management. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Illinois.

Additional Information:
Edgar is actively involved in White Space issues through his work with the Federal Communications Commission (U.S.) and other regulatory agencies. He is a former member of the IEEE 802.22 working group on Wireless Regional Area Networks, and is currently participating on CEPT SE43, ETSI STF386, and Wireless Innovation Forum committees.

Simon Forge

Simon Forge

Director, SCF Associates Ltd


Simon Forge has worked for over 25 years in the information industries principally in the UK, France and Italy. He is director of SCF Associates Ltd. His strategy and economic studies have been used by major systems vendors, government and telcos to establish new directions. Simon has managed teams in systems integration, mobile telecommunications, economic analysis of IT impacts, industrial policy, marketing and IT strategy.

Currently he works on projects in telecommunications, computing and their socioeconomic impacts, specifically exploring new radio and computing models and technologies with an emphasis on forecasting. For this, scenario analysis is often used (with own methodology – SCF, scenario construction for forecasting - sometimes with a novel quantitative extension, based on a tri-level macro-meso-micro-economic analysis). Also, he currently acts as expert for the European Commission on green ICT strategy by engaging with the ICT industry.

Recent projects have included the socio-economic design of a Future Internet for the European Commission and also a study on future EU ICT Policy, for the Swedish government for its European Presidency - the report – the Green Knowledge Society – is now available from the DAE website.

James Pace

James Pace

Managing Director, UK and Ireland, Silver Spring Networks


James is Managing Director, UK / Ireland at Silver Spring Networks UK. James has been with Silver Spring since 2003 when the company relocated to Silicon Valley. During his first six years at Silver Spring, James ran software product management, where he was responsible for defining a scalable, reliable, and secure networking solution designed to address both Smart Grids and Smart Metering. He is currently based in London, where he is responsible for commercial operations and new market development in the UK and Ireland.

Prior to Silver Spring, James accumulated over 15 years of TCP/IP networking experience while serving in a broad range of management and engineering roles for Silicon Valley-based networking companies such as Loudcloud/Opsware (the world's first scalable, data center management solution), @Home Network (the world's first massively scalable cable modem networks), and the NASA Science Internet (a far-reaching, global precursor to the commercial Internet).

Ira Keltz

Ira Keltz

Deputy Chief, Office of Engineering and Technology, FCC


Ira Keltz is Deputy Chief of FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology. In this role, he assists in leading several divisions of engineers, attorneys and economists in the development of telecommunications policies for spectrum use in the United States. Mr. Keltz is responsible for implementing national spectrum policy for non-Federal Government users, balancing complex engineering, policy, economic and public interest issues. This includes implementing spectrum allocations for licensed services, setting technical rules for unlicensed devices, and implementing procedures for equipment certification.

Mr. Keltz has also served Chief of the Office of Engineering and Technology’s Electrical Compatibility Division and Deputy Chief of its Policy and Rules Division. In addition, he has been a Senior Technical Advisor in the Wireless Bureau’s Public Safety and Private Wireless Division, where he managed the implementation of the Commission’s Universal Licensing System.

Mr. Keltz has been with the FCC since 1994. Prior to the FCC, Mr. Keltz held positions with Loral Advanced Projects and LSA, Inc. Mr. Keltz holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from the George Washington University and a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Fabio Leite

Fabio Leite

Deputy Director of Radiocommunication Bureau, ITU


Fabio Leite holds a Master of Applied Science degree in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Telecommunications (1980).

In his professional life, he has held different positions in the radiocommunica¬tions field in Brazil, in both public and private sectors, as well as in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Mr Leite worked for EMBRATEL, the Brazilian long-distance telecommunication carrier, where he was responsible for the engineering of BRAZILSAT, the first Brazilian domestic satellite system, successfully launched in 1985.

Since 1980, he participated in many ITU radiocommunication conferences and meetings as member of Brazilian delegations, responsible for technical and regulatory is¬sues. He was elected Vice Chairman of the ITU Radiocommunication Study Group responsible for satellite services in 1986.

His career in the ITU started in 1987 and since then he has held several functions at the Union, such as Radiocommunication Engineer in the Space Services Depart¬ment of BR, Counsellor in the Study Group Department of BR and Project Manager of ITU’s third generation mobile communications project, namely International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000) in the Office of the Secretary-General.

Radiocommunication Conferences
Mr Leite took part in several ITU Radiocommunication Conferences, either as member of the Brazilian delegation (WARC-ORB-85 and RARC-SAT-R2-83), as ITU staff and Technical Secretary (WRC-2000, WRC-97, WRC-95, WRC-92 and WARC-ORB-88) or as Executive Secretary (WRC-12, WRC-07, RRC-06, WRC-03).

Current position
As of 2005, Mr Leite holds the positions of Deputy Director and Chief of the Informatics, Administration and Publications Department (IAP) of the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau.
In 2010, Mr. Fabio Leite was candidate of Brazil for the post of Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau of the International Telecommunication Union.

Thomas Ewers

Thomas Ewers

Chairman, Electronic Communications Committee, ECC


After a university degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of the Federal Armed Forces, Germany, Mr Ewers has been working continuously since 1992 in the area of national and international spectrum regulation on different levels. Nowadays he is the head of section for international affairs and utilization concepts in the Federal Network Agency, Germany. Having started in the beginning of his career with frequency coordination issues his responsibilities have been broadened to strategic frequency utilization concepts and the transposition of those to the international level of CEPT, EU and ITU. Doing this and having been active in the preparation of several WRC’s Mr Ewers participated in a number of international Groups as Head of the German Delegation. He has also chaired several groups and subgroups in the ITU and CEPT. Between 2003 and beginning of 2008 Mr Ewers has been the Chairman of ITU-R Working Party 8B and is still Vice Chairman of ITU-R SG5.

Mr Ewers has been appointed Chairman of the ECC in December 2007. He is also a member of the presidency of the CEPT.

Aparna Sridhar

Aparna Sridhar

Telecom Policy Counsel, Google, Inc.


Aparna Sridhar serves as Telecom Policy Counsel for Google, Inc. in Washington, DC. At Google, she represents the company on telecommunications and media policy matters in Congress and before the FCC and other administrative agencies. She previously served in a similar role at Free Press, a national nonprofit nonpartisan organization dedicated to media reform. Aparna received her J.D. from Stanford Law School and her A.B. from Harvard University. She also clerked for the Honorable M. Margaret McKeown, who sits on the United States Court Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

William Webb

William Webb

CTO, Neul


William is one of the founding directors of Neul, a company developing machine-to-machine technologies and networks, which was formed at the start of 2011.

Prior to this William was a Director at Ofcom where he managed a team providing technical advice and performing research across all areas of Ofcom’s regulatory remit. He also led some of the major reviews conducted by Ofcom including the Spectrum Framework Review, the development of Spectrum Usage Rights and most recently cognitive or white space policy. Previously, William worked for a range of communications consultancies in the UK in the fields of hardware design, computer simulation, propagation modelling, spectrum management and strategy development. William also spent three years providing strategic management across Motorola’s entire communications portfolio, based in Chicago.

William has published 12 books, 80 papers, and 18 patents. He is a Visiting Professor at Surrey University and DeMontfort University, a member of Ofcom’s Spectrum Advisory Board (OSAB) and a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the IEEE and the IET where he is a Vice President. His biography is included in multiple “Who’s Who” publications around the world. William has a first class honours degree in electronics, a PhD and an MBA.

Alan March

Alan March

Business Development Specialist, Sennheiser & Vice President, APWPT


Alan March was born in 1963 in England.
He has over 25 years of experience in the Pro Audio industry and during that time has worked in sales, marketing, applications engineering and business development roles.

Alan sits on the 'British Entertainment Industry Radio Group' (BEIRG) – Steering Committee and has accumulated experience in dealing with UK spectrum regulator Ofcom in matters relating to the UK ‘digital dividend’ and how this will impact on spectrum availability for the PMSE – Programme Making and Special Events – sector.

Alan is also a member in the APWPT Executive Commitee.

Simon Mason

Simon Mason

Head of Technical Development, Arqiva


Simon Mason has worked in broadcasting for over 25 years both with public service broadcasters and the commercial sector. Simon was trained by the BBC and worked both in studios and radio frequency transmission. He worked in the BBC’s research department on the development of digital transmission systems now deployed across the world. Simon now heads up the technology development team at Arqiva who provide services and facilities to broadcasters and telecommunication companies in the UK. Simon’s key skills are in RF propagation and modulation and their application to practical deployment of large scale wireless networks.

Catherine Smadja

Catherine Smadja

Head of Special Projects, Policy and Strategy , BBC


Biography to appear here shortly...

Philippe Lefebvre

Philippe Lefebvre

Principal Administrator, Radio Spectrum Policy Unit, European Commission


Philippe Lefebvre is currently responsible for EU spectrum policy development in the field of the digital dividend and terrestrial broadcasting in the Commission's radio spectrum policy unit (directorate-general “Information Society and Media”).

Before moving to the spectrum policy unit in 2003, Mr. Lefebvre worked in various Commission departments, mainly in the research and innovation programme including in the area of electronic commerce and as head of sector for the development of advanced financial systems & technologies.

Prior to joining the European Commission, Philippe Lefebvre held several technical and marketing positions in the banking industry, with the Belgian’s Generale Bank – now Fortis (1983-1986), Eurocard International – now MasterCard Europe - as vice-president Southern Europe (1987-1991), and with Visa International in the US (1992-1995).

Philippe Lefebvre is graduated in electrical & mechanical engineering (MS) from the University of Brussels (ULB) and graduated in economics (MBA) from the same university.

Antonio Nicita

Antonio Nicita

Associate Professor of Economic Policy, Univeristy of Siena, Italy


Antonio Nicita (PhD) is Professor of Economic Policy at the University of Siena, Italy. He is on the Board of Directors of the Italian Society of Law and Economics, the European Association of Law and Economics, and the International Society for New Istitutional Economics (ISNIE). In 2006–7 he was an economic adviser to the Italian Minister of Communications and member of the Governamental Unit for the Improvement of Regulation. He has been OECD consultant and Economist at the Italian Antitrust Authority. His research interests cover industrial organization, law and economics, competition economics and regulation, as well as communications and media.

Cecil Ameil

Cecil Ameil

Coordinator, Working Group Markets, ESOA


Cécil Ameil joined SES (a member of ESOA) in 1998 to represent the Luxembourg-base satellite operator on public affairs and regulatory matters with the European Union (EU), the CEPT, the Council of Europe and the ITU, under the responsibility of the SES General Counsel.

Cécil Ameil has been the chairperson of the working group on regulation & market access in ESOA (European Satellite Operators Association) for several years. In this capacity, he’s closely following the development of communications and spectrum rules at the EU level, and he’s defending the satellite industry in the context of bilateral trade negotiations between the EU and outside countries. Cécil has also been active in the Satellite Action Plan Regulatory Working Group (SAP REG), participating to the increased visibility and understanding of the satellite industry from European institutions.

In the early 2000s, Cécil Ameil has coordinated SES’ regulatory efforts at national level to facilitate the deployment of interactive satellite systems in Europe, paving the way for two-way broadband communications.

Before joining SES, Cécil Ameil was a consultant on public affairs in the telecommunications, e-commerce, audiovisual and copyright areas. Prior to this, he worked with the European Parliament and the Commission on raising public awareness about the effect of the telecoms liberalisation and the advent of the Internet.

Cécil Ameil looks back at 18 years of experience in dealing with European affairs, now specialised in radio spectrum policies as well as telecommunications and broadcasting regulations. His dedicated expertise covers the impact of the new EU telecoms legislation and the challenges of future spectrum policies for communications systems in the context of increased liberalisation in radio frequency management.

Darrin Mylet

Darrin Mylet

Business Operations & Regulatory Affairs, Adaptrum


Mr. Mylet joined Adaptrum, a Silicon Valley-based startup exploring the applications of proprietary implementations of cognitive radio for use in wireless services and applications, in 2009.

Mr. Mylet joined Cantor Fitzgerald in 2003 and left in Dec 2008. While at Cantor, Mr. Mylet was responsible for developing and implementing new business initiatives. Led the launch of the Cantor Spectrum Exchange, the first real time wireless spectrum trading exchange. Co-Led the business, regulatory and technology development and launch of Cantor Gaming, the first commercial mobile wireless platform now serving casinos in Las Vegas.

Issued (3) Patents on applying wireless to existing and/or emerging business opportunities. Issued the following patents (#7534169, #7860778 & #7637810).

Prior to joining Cantor-Fitzgerald, Mr. Mylet was with Radiant Networks, a U.K. based pioneer in “physical mesh” broadband wireless equipment, where he was VP Sales & Marketing-Americas from 2000-2003.

Prior to this position, Mr. Mylet was an executive with MFS/Worldcom/MCI from 1997 to 2000. From 1992 to 1997, Mr. Mylet was with GTE Corporation (now Verizon).

Mr. Mylet completed his Second Term (2010/11-Obama) and (2009/10-Bush) for the Department of Commerce Spectrum Management Advisory Committee administered by NTIA and was Chairperson of the Spectrum Transparency Subcommittee.

Mr. Mylet serves on Advisory Board of Full Spectrum, Spectrum

B.A.Economics Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Mr. Mylet has had the honor of speaking at numerous industry events including, DySpan, WCAI, USTA, SUPERCOMM, WISPCON, ISPCON, EU/UK SPECTRUM TRADING, BWWF, NTIA, FCC, NATPE, CTIA, NAB, Microsoft MobDev, PFF, CTIA, Nextcomm, eComm, WISPA, SuperWiFi, SDR and EU Spectrum Management Conferences.

José Prieto

José Prieto

Director of Business Development and Institutional Affairs, GMV


José Prieto is an Aerospace Engineer graduated in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (1994). He started his professional career in GMV as project engineer being mainly involved in European Space Agency (ESA) Guidance, Navigation and Control projects. After some time relocated at ESA, working for the Interplanetary Mission Support Section, he assumed the lead of the International Programs Division. Since 2004 he is responsible for the Defense & Security Business Development in GMV. He has participated in many projects and study groups dealing with spectrum management in different environments such as NATO, the European Defence Agency, EUROCONTROL and the European Commission, mainly focusing in the use of cognitive radio for dynamic spectrum management.

Pierre Jean Muller

Pierre Jean Muller

Senior Manager, Wireless Standards Dept, Huawei


Pierre-Jean Muller joined Huawei Technologies in 2006 as Wireless Standardization manager with a focus on mobile radio access network technologies. Before that Pierre-Jean worked many years at Lucent Technologies (R&D) and NEC (R&D). Pierre-Jean has been involved in 3GPP for many years where he actively participated in the 4G/LTE standardization effort. Since 2008 he has been also involved in technical and governance activities in ETSI. Pierre-Jean is currently ETSI TC RRS vice-chairman and an elected member of the ETSI Finance committee. Pierre-Jean holds an engineer’s degree in Advanced Computer Science and an Executive Master of Business Administration.

Robert Thelen-Bartholomew

Robert Thelen-Bartholomew

COO, LS telcom Inc.


Robert Thelen-Bartholomew is the COO of LS telcom Inc. Annapolis USA, an authorised WSDB provider by the FCC. In addition Robert also works with LS telcom AG in Germany developing WS strategy and sensor technologies.

Prior to these roles Robert was the field operations director at Ofcom leading spectrum enforcement, interference resolution and monitoring.


Amit Nagpal

Amit Nagpal

Partner, Aetha Consulting


Amit Nagpal advises fixed and mobile operators, regulators/government bodies, financial institutions and equipment manufacturers on a wide range of commercial, technical and regulatory issues. In particular, Amit Nagpal assists organisations with commercial & technical due diligence, radio spectrum policy development and spectrum valuation and auction support. Prior to founding his own consulting company, Amit was a Senior Partner at Analysys Mason, a specialist telecoms strategy consultancy, where he advised on several multi-billion dollar M&A and debt financing transactions as well as leading numerous high-profile regulatory studies. In the area of spectrum management, Amit's experience has included:

* leading high-profile studies for the European Commission (harmonised approach to the digital dividend, introduction of spectrum trading)

* supporting spectrum users (e.g. O2, KPN, UPC), industry bodies (e.g. GSM Association, UMTS Forum, TETRA Association) and regulations (e.g. Ofcom in the UK, NITA in Denmark, MinEZ in the Netherlands) on major policy issues such as (i) the future demand for spectrum e.g. for wireless broadband services (ii) liberalisation of mobile spectrum/GSM licence renewal and (iii) the award of the digital dividend (800MHz) and 2.6GHz bands.

Amit is able to bring a global perspective to his work having undertaken projects for clients in Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Gerry Oberst

Gerry Oberst

Partner, Hogan Lovells


Gerry Oberst has been practicing in the communications area for 30 years, in both Washington, D.C. and Brussels, concentrating on international telecommunications, satellite regulatory matters and radio spectrum regulation. He represents clients in major telecommunications proceedings before the International Telecommunication Union, European Commission and Member State regulatory bodies.

Based on his work in the communications satellite sector, Gerry was invited to speak at recent ITU workshops sponsored by the Radiocommunication Bureau on efficient use of orbit and frequency resources. Gerry recently has been selected as a member of the International Institute of Space Law.

Gerry writes the monthly regulatory column for Via Satellite magazine (since 1991) and has written several monographs for Oxford University Press, most recently on "The Digital Agenda: New EU Policy towards Information and Communications Technology" (March 2011). In May 2010, his article on the "Impact of the amended EU regulatory framework on spectrum and mobile issues" was published by the International Bar Association newsletter. For the last year he has acted as lead editor on the Hogan Lovells "International Spectrum Review" blog.

Gerry is currently finalizing a report for the European Commission on Member States authorisations of 2 GHz Mobile Satellite Service networks. He was the lead author and editor of a report for the European Commission in 2006 on revising the electronic communications regulatory framework and has served as legal advisor on projects for the Commission involving the digital dividend, spectrum trading, the Galileo radionavigation system and numerous other topics.

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