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Rob van Kranenburg introduces Session 1 and the keynote presentations Commissioner Neele Kroes' keynote video presentation Peter Hustinx delivering his keynote presentation
Gerald Santucci providing his views on the IoT for Smart Cities 2025 Gerald Santucci Dr Maher Chebbo of DigitalEurope sharing his thoughts on the Internet of Things as a key Technology Accelerator for SmartGrids targets 2020
Speakers and delegates reflect on the mornings opening presentations Marylin Arndt provides her introductory remarks to the first panel discussion centered around societal challenges and applications for a smart and green planet Adrian Hanussek of Bosch tackles the societal challenges for a smart and green planet
Professor Michael Nelson provides insight into the Cloud & Internet of Things Magnus Franklin raises some points during Session 2's panel discussion Professor Michael Nelson expands on the Three Tech Cultures of the West Coast, East Coast and Europe
Professor Tafazolli: The IoT from a Global perspective Rob van Kranenburg leads the discussion on "Where are we today? - The International Experience" Ovidiu Vermesan, Chief Scientist, SINTEF ICT
Speakers and delegates discuss points following Session 3 Session 4 panel discussion: Technological developments and business applications Robert Schumann introduces Session 4: Technological developments and business applications
Alessandro Bassi: When innovative technologies meet innovative business models Pilgrim Beart of AlertMe shares insight into the various technologies, platforms and real-life applications Worldsensing's CEO, Ignasi Vilajosana provides a lively presentation on the political, business and technical challenges  of tapping into the $0bn Smart City market
Inaki Vazquez, CEO of Symplio Lifestyle Technologies, explores different business models for Inter-connected consumer products Joseph Alhadeff of Oracle presents his views on Actualizing Solutions Prof Istepanian, Kingston University: Accelerating IoT innovation in healthcare from m-health to 4G health
Prof Kinderlerer, President of European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies Panel Discussion on the various sources of funding for the IoT Florent Frederix, European Commission, provides views on public sector funding
Wim De Waele, CEO, The Interdisciplinary Institute for BroadBand Technology (IBBT) Miguel Trujillo of EBAN provides a thorough insight into EBAN's Access ICT project and Angel funding. Robert Schumann leads the Panel Discussion
Usman Haque, Founder of Pachube, provides the entrepreneur's view on raising funds for IoT technologies Panel Discussion with live twitter feeds: Governance, privacy and security Dan Caprio, Managing Director, McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP
Sebastian Lange, VDI/VDE-IT Rob van Kranenburg leads the discussion on Standards to support policy Christian Nold of Softhook
Thomas Weber discussing future spectrum resources within the field of IoT Ruprecht Niepold: Radio Spectrum for the IoT - A critical challenge? John Curran, President & CEO, ARIN



Tue 28 June, 2011 08.30 to
Wed 29 June, 2011 17.30




The Management Centre Europe

Rue de l'Aqueduc 118
1050 Brussels

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