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About the EuroHeart Project

This conference is taking place in the framework of work package 5 of the EuroHeart project. The project started in April 2007, and will run until March 2010. 

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the main cause of death and disability in Europe. WHO estimates that modest population-wide and simultaneous reductions in blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol and tobacco use would more than halve CVD incidence. To address the significant burden of CVD in Europe and to determine specific areas of intervention to contribute to preventing avoidable deaths and disability, the European Heart Network (EHN) and the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) have created a joint project called EuroHeart.  This project, which involves partners in 21 countries in the EU and the EEA receives co-funding from the European Commission Public Health Programme 2003-2008.   
The EuroHeart project has 5 major objectives:

1. Mobilise broad support for cardiovascular health (CVH) promotion and cardiovascular disease prevention with a view to achieving stronger cross sector cooperation (Work Package 4). More information on this aspect can be found on 
2. Map and analyze national plans, policies and measures impacting on cardiovascular health promotion and cardiovascular disease prevention. (Work Package 5) 
3. Investigate issues concerning CVD in women (Work Package 6)
4. Improve prevention practices at primary care level (Work Package 7) 
5. Implement and adapt European guidelines on CVD prevention to national situations (Work Package 8).

For more information on the scope of the EuroHeart Project, please contact Marleen Kestens on +32 2 502 15 41 or or Florence Bakry on +33 492 94 86 43 or email



Thursday 10 September, 2009
09.00 to 17.30




The Residence Palace


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Organised by EHN & ESC