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Session VI: Standards + Multipliers

"Key messages for research and innovation enablers: NCPs, European Federations, ETPs and other multipliers" 


NCPs, European Federations, ETPs and other multipliers play a key role in advising and supporting research organisations and enterprises at EU-level. 


Particularly with Horizon 2020 and in general with the stronger innovation orientation of the EU- RTDI Programmes, standardisation issues have gained an increasing importance. During this period, multiplier organisations and standardization bodies have started to strengthen their cooperation to offer potential proposer a comprehensive service portfolio to the advantage of clients and the competitiveness of European innovation processes. This cooperation will remain an important issue in the upcoming Horizon Europe Programme. 


This session offers:


  • an insight into good practices from EU-Projects, Multipliers and Standardisation bodies


  • a discussion about challenges and potential cooperation improvements between Multipliers  and standardisation bodies; potential additional needs in regard to Horizon Europe will be discussed


  • learnings from good practices, exchange possibilities with Multipliers and standardization experts as well as other multipliers on how to be best prepared for the next EU-FTI Programmes



Andrea Höglinger, Head of Division European and International Programmes, Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

Alfred Radauer, Principal Consultant, Lead in Intellectual Property & Standards (IPS), Technopolis Group Austria

René Lindner, Senior Project Manager, DIN

Martin McGurk, Senior Innovation Lead-Business Growth and Innovation Management, UKRI-Innovate UK

Tobias Leiting, Research assistant and Project Manager, FIR, RWTH Aache

Arantxa Rentería, Project Manager, TECNALIA Research and Innovation

Pierluigi Potenza, Senior Assistant, European Projects Officer,, Risorse per Roma S.p.A.


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Wednesday 13 November, 2019
08.30 to 17.00




SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre

Mont des Arts
1000 Brussels

Tel: +32 2 515 13 22

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