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Session II: Standards + Patents

"How Patents and Standards support innovation from research to market"


This session is recommended for anyone who is involved in or interact with patents and standards -


Patens and standards are two mechanisms for leveraging, recognizing or deploying innovation. In this session we will look at how patents and standards support researchers and innovators, compare and contrast them to answer the following questions:


  1. What are they designed and best suited for?
  2. In what situations do patents and standards work best? 
  3. What benefits does each of them bring to the table and what needs do they address primarily.



Ged Owens, European Patent Office, Munich - Coordinator in International Cooperation, including ICT and “Patents and Standards”

Knut Blind, Professor for Innovation Economics 

Michel Neu, International Expert CEA Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Connect 

Spiro Dhapi, Legal Adviser, CEN-CENELEC


Watch the teaser video here:

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Wednesday 13 November, 2019
08.30 to 17.00




SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre

Mont des Arts
1000 Brussels

Tel: +32 2 515 13 22

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