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The 4th Annual Americas Spectrum Management Conference took place on November 12 & 13, 2014, in Washington D.C., and brought together more than 200 key industry and policy representatives from across the region and beyond.


In what is a key year for both the short term and long term future of spectrum policy everywhere, the 4th Annual Americas Spectrum Management Conference provided an interactive platform for discussion on the most pertinent issues and developments affecting spectrum across the region.


Sessions at the conference focused on:

  • Spectrum Issues and Priorities Ahead of WRC-15
  • Incentive Auctions: Overcoming the key policy and technology challenges (for some background reading on incentive auctions from our knowledge partner NERA, please click here)
  • Are current systems of spectrum regulation across countries in the Americas working or do we need to consider a new approach?
  • The future of terrestrial broadcasting: Reverse auctions and beyond
  • New and Innovative Satellite Technologies: Services In a Spectrum-Constrained World
  • Traffic offloading - Innovative solutions for tackling spectrum bottle-necks
  • Should the 470-698 MHz band be identified for IMT / terrestrial mobile broadband?
  • Meeting the spectrum requirements of 5G, the Internet of Things and the future networked society
  • What role can federal and public spectrum play in tackling short and long term spectrum shortages?
  • Spectrum licenses – is there a need to rethink length and geographical aspects of license awards?
  • Competition Measures in Spectrum Awards



Tue February 2, 2016 09.00 to
Wed February 3, 2016 17.00




Washington Marriott Georgetown

1221 22nd St NW, Washington DC

Tel: +1 202-872-1500

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