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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities Sponsorship opportunities Sponsorship opportunities

Download the sponsorship brochure for this event here


Sponsorship of a Forum Global event


Whatever your budget and requirements, sponsoring this summit is a cost effective, hassle-free means to successfully target the key decision makers in this field. We can offer you a wide range of packages ranging from the high level platinum package, which offers maximum exposure for your company both leading up to and during the event and includes an exclusive speaking position for a company representative; down to lower cost product branding opportunities, which are designed to compliment or act individually in support of your marketing strategy.


Furthermore, sponsorship at this summit is not simply a stand alone, one-off marketing opportunity, but can offer you the chance to become involved on a regular basis in a pivotal and talked about industry event, and increase your exposure amongst both existing stakeholders and new market entrants throughout this dynamic and exciting sector. Over time, these summits develop a brand of their own and a reputation for quality which adds value for all organizations that are associated with it.


Why sponsor a Forum Global event?


•  The chance to promote your organization to delegates including key policy makers and decision-makers, C-level executives, national government officials, trade associations and many others.


• The opportunity to strengthen corporate and community relationships and an unrivalled platform to expose your organization to key markets.


• Interact with delegates face to face during the numerous networking opportunities.


• Benefit significantly from a highly sought after platform to share your view to a keenly interested, relevant and, above all, influential audience.



Who attends Forum Global events?


Please see below for an example of the breakdown of attendees at a typical Forum Global event.


Business and Industry – 44%

Government body / national regulator - 29%

Academia - 11%

NGOs/Not-for-profit – 8%

Press – 8%


There are various sponsorship packages available for the summit, to offer optimum exposure for all budgets available. These range from higher end sponsorship packages giving an exclusive speaking position and priority branding, down to lower cost branding that still provides high visibility and a great value opportunity to raise your profile among the leading decision makers in this sector.


For more information on sponsorship or exhibiting please download the sponsorship brochure here or contact Tom Chinnock at or on +44 (0) 2920 783 025.



Mon October 26, 2015 08.30 to
Tue October 27, 2015 18.00




The National Press Club

529 14th St. NW,
13th Floor -
Washington, DC 20045
Tel: 1202-662-7500

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