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Details of EU Satellite Day 2013

Last year's 2013 edition of the European Satellite Day brought  together a high level and exclusive group of policymakers, industry representatives and other stakeholders in the space sector, and took place on Thursday 5th September in the Robert Schuman Room of the Berlaymont Building, European Commission.


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The World Economic Forum Global Risk Report for 2013 identifies five top risks to global stability in terms of likelihood and impact. European Satellite Day focused on three of these risks and the role that satellite services can play in responding to them now as well as mitigating them going forward.


Although invisible, satellite services are present throughout our daily lives. Those outside the sector are often unfamiliar with the essential role they play not only in allowing the proper functioning of society but also in delivering resilience with respect to global challenges and risks.


The threat of these risks manifesting is long-term and therefore reflects the need for comprehensive foresight and planning to help institutions and the European space sector together ensure that space capabilities and services are in place and ready to respond when needed.


In an environment where science and technology are constantly evolving, the capacity to anticipate is key, especially for the space sector that drives innovation while dealing with long lead times and development cycles for satellites. European Satellite Day 2013 addressed today’s risks and reflected on how state of the art satellite solutions play a part in mitigating them.


Participants in this high-level roundtable included:

Vittorio Prodi MEP

Malcolm Harbour MEP

Vladimír Remek MEP

Enrico Saggese, President, Italian Space Agency

Johann Dietrich Wörner, President, German Aerospace Center

David Parker, CEO, UK Space Agency

Philippe Brunet, Director DG Enterprise, European Commission

Jean Loïc Galle, CEO, Thales Alenia Space

Eric Beka, Ambassador and High Representative of Belgium for Space Policy

Theo Karapiperis, Head of STOA Unit, European Parliament


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Thursday 20 November, 2014
09.30 to 13.30




European Parliament (ASP-3E2)

B-1047 Brussels

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