Breakout Session 5 'Strategic Decisions'





Ruggero Lensi, Director External Relations, New Business and Innovation, Italian Institute for Standardization, UNI










Alice de Casanove, Telecom Faculty Leader, Airbus Defence and Space Engineering Academy









Hans Martin Pastuszka, Deputy Head Technology Analyses and Strategic Planning, Fraunhofer Institute for Technological Trend Analysis








Dr. Oliver Boepple, Senior Manager, Innovation and User Experience, YouSE Gmbh








Kjell A. Bengtsson, Vice President, Jotne EPM Technology AS








“Standardization - your hidden competitive advantage”




Context: Growth opportunities come from providing new products and services or accessing new markets. Standardization can be a strategic tool for companies to achieve this through dissemination, interoperability, market uptake etc while reassuring consumers.

This breakout session will look at several different strategic options of using standards at a company level. The panelists will share:
-    Why they chose standardization as a strategic tool?
-    How they integrate standardization in their company’s strategy?
-    What challenges they encountered?
-    What are the benefits they observed?  
Participants will gain an understanding if standardization is applicable to their company and industry, and how they can take this up in their strategy.
Session aimed at: industry, enterprises, start-ups, decision makers, business development and strategy officers.



Thu 30 October, 2014 08.30 to
Wed 30 October, 2019 17.15




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