Breakout Session 3 'Market Access'




Javier Garcia, Director of Standardization, Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification, AENOR










Angus Hunter, Managing Director, Optimat









Pascal Kaluzny, CEO, Tera Environment









Jesus Lopez de Ipiña, Project Manager, Industry and Transport Division, Tecnalia (BR3)









Volker Stich, Managing Director, Institute for Industrial Management, RWTH Aachen University (BR3)








“Accelerating market uptake”




Standards play an instrumental role in several key growth stages of a business. In this session panellists will present case studies and data to show how standardization can address the following key challenges:

-    Transforming a research project into a business
-    Accelerating market entry and adoption: fast go-to-market and early stage growth
-    Establishing market share: getting a dominant position
-    Moving into new markets: low entry barrier to enter new markets and geographical areas


Recommended for: Industry researchers and innovation practitioners



Thu 30 October, 2014 08.30 to
Wed 30 October, 2019 17.15




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