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Useful links and previous events

Below you will find a selection of links and information for current projects and previous events relating to Broadband for All.


Past events


'Every European Digital': The Challenge of Bridging the Broadband Gap

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This event on Tuesday 31 May, 2011, looked at the European Commission's Digital Agenda Action Plan to give every European citizen access to basic broadband by 2013. It examined what obstacles would be faced between then and now on the way to achieving 100% broadband coverage.



Bringing Europeans Online - The 2013 Digital Agenda Target

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A breakfast meeting held by ESOA on 26th March 2013, this event brought together policy-makers and industry representatives to ask what the European Commission are doing to ensure access to digital services is available to the entire European population.


Other useful links


The DigitALL Coalition

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The digitALL Coalition is made up of members who are working to make Internet access for every European a reality in 2013. It calls in particular for new satellite capacity to be dedicated to broadband, based on the investments of satellite operators in Europe.



Digital Agenda for Europe: A Europe 2020 Initiative (European Commission)

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The Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) aims to reboot Europe's economy and help Europe's citizens and businesses to get the most out of digital technologies. One of its objectives is to ensure broadband access for every European citizen.







Thursday 17 October, 2013
10.00 to 13.30




European Parliament

Room 6Q1
Jozsef Antall Building
European Parliament