IDENTITY Talk in the Tower

Advisory Committee


John C. Chiang  

John C. Chiang, Professor, Department of Management of Technology, School of Software & Microelectronics, Peking University

"Effective and efficient utilization of identify management capability should include proper safeguard of identity and privacy of individuals. Identity management in a fast shrinking globe presents additional challenges beyond technology and product requirements and global technical standards. These challenges include, but not limit to, different cultural, legal and political considerations."




Udo Helmbrecht, Executive Director, European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA)


"We use electronic identities in our social lives, in work and in everyday activities like shopping. These identities include for example passwords, personal data and online images, and protecting them is vital not just for personal security, but also to safeguard our fundamental human right to privacy." 



Audun Jøsang  

Audun Jøsang, Professor for identity and access management, security usability and network security, University of Oslo


"Identity cognition means to understand identities on a semantic level, which lies above simple syntactic identity recognition in computer systems. A challenging aspect of identity management is the cognition of globally unique names, where local user-centric identity management is the only fundamental approach that can provide adequate solutions."



Juliet Lodge  

Professor and Senior Analyst at AIMTECH, University of Leeds;  Member, Privacy Expert Group, Biometrics Institute


"Reliance on machine-readable identity tokens to relay personal data to allow or deny some of us access to services affects our understanding of identity, power and accountability. What are the socio-legal and ethical implications for society of humans being hyper-connected, identifiable and linkable by invisible robots making decisions for them?"




Rob Shavell  

Rob Shavell, Entrepreneur, co-founder of Abine


"The global concepts, social norms and forms of privacy and identity are experiencing unprecedented change. What exactly is being recorded about us? How is it tied to our real identities (and matched to our real names, addresses, government id #’s, and credit cards?)? What new personal info is being automatically shared about our lives?"



Thursday 28 November, 2013
09.30 to 17.30




Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the EU

Rue Wiertz 77
1000 Brussels

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