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Details of EU Satellite Day 2012

Paul Weissenberg (DG ENTR, European Commission) delivers his keynote speech Claus Sorensen, Director General, DG ECHO, connects live via satellite to a TSF project on the Syrian border Elisabetta Gardini MEP speaks live via video satellite to an earthquake hit region it Italy  A delegate browsing the ESA stand
Delegates listening to the presentations  Michel de Rosen, ESOA Vice Chair, launching the days proceedings  Panellists discussing 'Where would we be without satellites?'
Delegates networking during lunch  The afternoon market based session Diego Canga Fano, Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Tajani, speaking during the evening dinner

The inaugural European Satellite Day 2012: May Day! - A Day without Satellites, hosted by ESOA, EUMETSAT, ESA, Eurospace, TSF, Nereus and The Secure World Foundation in collaboration with Forum Europe and under the patronage of Mr Antonio Tajani, Member of the European Commission, took place at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels on 27th September 2021 and gathered over 185 participants.

Bringing together top-level speakers, and also offering an exhibition and live demonstration area, the event had the theme of Mayday! - A Day without Satellites, and provided attendees with the opportunity to experience first hand the many innovative and vital roles that satellites play in the everyday lives of EU citizens everywhere.

Some of the fundamental applications and uses of satellites that were showcased included:

- The importance of global information availability through media broadcasting anytime anywhere

- The reliance on weather forecasting and the longer term understanding of climate change thanks to meteorological satellites

 - The criticality of satellite communications when disaster strikes to support emergency response and relief efforts when terrestrial systems are destroyed or overloaded

 - The vital role that satellite plays in synchronising power grids and financial markets worldwide

- The indispensable communications ability delivered by satellite for ships on the high seas & for secure communications

- Delivering equal access to services and opportunities through satellite broadband in remote / difficult to reach regions

- The positive impact that satellites are making on communications in developing nations

- Working together to achieve the full benefits of satellite and space technologies

Visit the European Satellite Day 2012 website for more information about the topics discussed, details of speakers and to see more photos from the event.

Event hosts and partners



Thursday 5 September, 2013
09.00 to 17.30




Robert Schuman Room, Berlaymont Building

European Commission
200, Rue de la Loi
1049, Brussels

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