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Details of 2012 Event

Carl-Christian Buhr, Member of VP Kroes's Cabinet, European Commission William E. Kennard, US Ambassador to the EU Keynote Speakers
Audience Panellists of Session 2 Exhibition Stand

On the 21st March 2012, more than 220 stakeholders gathered at The Hotel, Brussels for The 2012 European Cloud Computing Conference.


The event took place during a period in which much debate was taking place in Brussels around Cloud Computing, with the technology becoming increasingly utilised by private and public organisations. With US cloud providers leading the way in the global market, there is a need for the EU to act in order to develop a European Cloud Market and ensure that the huge potential for industry is achieved. 


With top-level contributions from all of the main stakeholders at both a policy and industry level (including Carl-Christian Buhr, Member of Vice-President Kroes cabinet, Responsible for Cloud Computing Strategy; and William E Kennard, US Ambassador to the EU), the event provided an opportunity to focus on the implementation of an overall EU-wide cloud computing strategy, and discuss the extent to which it will help maintain the EU's continued global competitiveness.


In addition, the conference examined the numerous opportunities offered by the Cloud and its potential to play a key role in tomorrow’s economy by generating growth and creating jobs. Speakers also discussed the issues related to the technology from policy, business, technology and user perspectives; and highlighted the need for a EU Cloud policy and regulatory framework.


Finally, the conference was the opportunity to look into the necessity of standardisation to guarantee interoperability between Cloud providers in order to create a competitive European market for Cloud services and to “make Europe not just Cloud-Friendly but Cloud Active"


Visit The 2012 European Cloud Computing Conference website for more information about the topics discussed, details of speakers and to see all photos from the event.



Thursday 7 March, 2013
08.30 to 16.35




Renaissance Hotel

Rue du Parnasse 19

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