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How to ensure citizens mental health in the face of a changing world of work?

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23 May 2023. 9:00-10:00 CEST


Mental health issues are estimated to cost more than 4% of gross domestic product in the European Union from which 1.6% (€240 billion per year) is linked to indirect costs in the labor market such as absenteeism and ‘presenteeism’ (working while affected).


Although European citizens have suffered greatly from the consequences of COVID, it has been an area for a rethinking of the world of work in Europe. A trend is emerging: the private and professional spheres are becoming increasingly permeable. With the advent of digital technologies to facilitate teleworking, the private home, which used to be a place for people to unwind, is now a place of work. The deconstruction of the traditional professional model paved the way for new issues to make their way onto the European political agenda: the right to disconnect, mental workload, reduction of working hours, etc.


Moreover, the crisis has also highlighted the rise of anxiety of European citizens linked to securing food and energy budget. Some of them have to make consumption choices resulting in going without food to pay the rent or energy bill for instance. Therefore, financial stability and well-being are strongly interrelated and should be a major public concern.


The European Commission is currently in the process to draft a Communication on a comprehensive approach to mental health. The areas of work are multiple and require the involvement of all stakeholders in the sector. Those last ones unanimously plead for a real long-term strategy based on a holistic approach of health.


Such a multidimensional vision would help to create bridges between mental and physical health and would apprehend contemporary issues like suicide, school bullying, stigmatization, or financial anxiety.


This thirtieth Policies and Practices’ session will focus on:

  • Mental Health in a digital world
  • The importance of financial well-being in a balanced life
  • Exercising as a safeguard against mental and physical breakdown 


To address these questions, we will welcome:


  • Estrella Durá Ferrandis MEP, Member, Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, European Parliament
  • Milena Angelova, Member (Employers’ Group), European Economic and Social Committee
  • Claudia Marinetti, Director, Mental Health Europe



Tuesday 28 November, 2023





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