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Exploring food waste reduction potential and return on investment

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According to the European Environment Agency (EEA)1, around 86 million tonnes (173 kg per person) of food are wasted each year in the EU along the food value chain, which is about 20% of all food produced.


While, the UN Sustainable Development Goals aim to halve food waste by 2030, some actions are taken at EU level to enforce a holistic and preventative approach on food waste. As a matter of fact preventing food waste could significantly reduce the environmental impacts of food production, processing and transportation, with far greater benefits than those of recycling food waste.


Apart from social and environmental positive impacts for the society as a whole, studies show a positive financial return on investment for public and private entities which engage in food waste prevention actions as well as savings for consumers. High impacts’ actions can therefore be taken to change consuming habits notably by improving knowledge and awareness on levels and consequences of food waste; influencing attitudes and behaviors that lead to food waste through education or awareness-raising campaigns.


To dig into this subject, this Policies & Practices exchange will address the following questions:


  • The impacts of prevention towards food waste (environmental and economical in particular);
  • The role each stakeholder can play to influence behaviors and to shift mindset about food waste;
  • The  potential link between reduction of food waste and more sustainable dietary habits.


To address these questions, we will welcome :



- Thomas Candeal, Project Manager, International Food Waste Coalition


Thomas Candeal currently works for the International Food Waste Coalition as a project manager working with diverse stakeholders of the HaFS sector to reduce food waste along their value chains. Previously he worked in the start-up community at Eqosphere on circular economy issues and as a consultant providing practical guidance in sustainable innovation to businesses and other organizations.



- Nora Brüggemann, Project Manager, Collaborating Center on sustainable consumption and production (CSCP)






[1] Bio-waste in Europe — turning challenges into opportunities — European Environment Agency (europa.eu)



Friday 10 December, 2021
09.30 to 11.00




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