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Public private partnerships to develop social policies

January 29 2013 - Radisson Blu Hotel, Brussels


Cooperation between the public and the private sectors in several areas managed by the public authorities has been in place since the 1990s, this with the aim of improving public services through risk sharing and of harnessing private-sector expertise. Thus, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) create added value thanks to the integration and complementarities of public and private sector skills, knowledge and expertise.


In the context of austerity, PPPs can be a tool to implement Member States’ policies in a cost-effective way: they can reduce costs, improve and speed up the completion of projects, while at the same time, incorporating important social benefits into a project, such as quality criteria, safety conditions, or measures that will help tailor projects to the specific needs of local communities.


PPPs are not legally defined at European level but they are mostly developed within the framework of infrastructural policies in areas such as energy, transport or telecommunications. Nonetheless, in the past few years, a second branch of PPPs has diverged from a contractual cooperation to a more comprehensive partnership. This change has been facilitated through access to EU funds as a result of which businesses, together with the public authorities, can actively participate in the development or the implementation of social policies. In this new frame, all the stakeholders share the same goals, which has furthered collaboration no end.


The third Policies & Practices’ session will focus on this evolution and more specifically on:


  • Efficiency in the delivery of social services
  • Cost-effectiveness in public spending
  • Access to quality and affordable social services for all


To address these questions two speakers will present their recent works:



Since mid-November 2011, Dr. Lieve Fransen is the Director responsible for Europe 2020: Social Policies in Directorate-General Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commission. Dr. Fransen has devoted herself to promoting social justice and the values of solidarity. During a distinguished career in international public health, Dr. Fransen has worked as Public Health Advisor to the Ministry of Health, Mozambique, Kenya, Rwanda and Cape Verde Islands; as Task Manager of a research programme on pregnant women and new-borns in Rwanda; and as Director of a research programme on sexual and reproductive health in Kenya and in the Tropical Institute in Antwerpen, Belgium.

Dr. Fransen is Medical Doctor with a PhD on Social Policies.





Maxime Cerutti was appointed Director of BUSINESSEUROPE’s social affairs department in January 2012. He is in charge of a diverse portfolio of social affairs and labour market policy issues as well as the day-to-day management of the department. He also took an active part in the negotiations on the European social partners’ agreements on parental leave and on inclusive labour markets.

He joined the Social Affairs Department of BUSINESSEUROPE in November 2007 as Adviser in charge of industrial relations and BUSINESSEUROPE’s social dialogue activities. He also used to coordinate the employers’ group in the administrative board of EUROFOUND and manage contacts with European sectoral organisations in the European Employers’ Network.

Prior to that, Maxime worked as a policy officer at the European Youth Forum. He started his professional career with a six-month internship at the French ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris, where he was following the work of the EU Council on Employment and Social Affairs.

Maxime Cerutti has a background in European law and political science. His mother tongue is French and he also speaks English, Italian and Spanish.




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Friday 5 July, 2024



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