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Developing an holistic approach of health policy through PPPs

Two years ago, the Tartu call was launched at EU level to strengthen cooperation between various stakeholders on an holistic approach to promote healthy lifestyles. This commitment is going forward with its renewal in June 2019. Going beyond traditional route, the Tartu call claims for further cooperation across the health, sports, education and nutrition angles. It also innovates while inviting the civil society and private sector to contribute to such a challenge.


PPPs can contribute widely to such a commitment. The association of multiple stakeholders with various skills and abilities to reach a common goal can be particularly efficient in the field of health promotion. As a matter of fact, healthy lifestyles is a general concept encompassing the entire life of citizens: from children to elderly people, from private to professional life, from what they eat to how often they move, from schools to pension… Therefore, multisectorial approach and the role of actors involved at each step of the life of citizens is crucial to be successful in conveying efficient messages and delivering through targeted actions. 


As Commissioner Vytenis Andriukatis stated: it is time to “collaborate across sectors, among organisations and between layers of government”.


The next Policies and Practices’ session will focus on:

  • The role of a whole range of stakeholders while displaying a common public action towards healthy lifestyles and the importance to build up a joint action on the field of health promotion;
  • The presentation of some PPPs good practices in this field.


Confirmed speakers to share their views during the debate include :


- Olimpia Vincentini, Phd, Italian National Institute of Health

- Nathalie Renaudin, Public Affairs Director Edenred and coordinator of the FOOD programme

- Adam Rogalewski, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee, to present his opinion on the costs and benefits of investments in occupational safety and health (OSH) 



Tuesday 28 November, 2023





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