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The conference programme can be found below, please check back regularly for updates. If you are interested in speaking opportunities, please contact Anne-Lise Simon at or on +44 (0) 2920 783 020.


Thursday 8 November, 2018


08:30 – 09:00

Welcome Coffee and Registration

09:00 – 10:00

Keynote Session

James Morrison, Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Julian King, European Commission
Tony Graziano, Vice-President of European Public Affairs, Huawei
John Frank, Vice-President for EU Government Affairs, Microsoft
Moderator: Paul Adamson, Chairman, Forum Europe

10:00 – 11:10

Policy Discussion: What are Europe's current and future policy objectives in the field of cyber security?

A key objective of the Digital Single Market strategy is to reinforce security in digital services and boosting trust in these services. Just under a year before the end of the mandate of the current Commission, policymakers are still working on a number of initiatives and strategies to create a robust and sustainable cyber security environment in the region. This session will take stock of what has been achieved and analyse the current state-of-play of various policies, including a discussion on the implications of the most recent initiative - the EU Cyber security Act. With the use of common industry-led standards, certification frameworks and labels for ICT products being promoted in Europe, several questions remain around the effectiveness of a voluntary certification approach or indeed for the potential for a mandatory labelling of high-risk products and systems, around the compatibility of these efforts with other standardisation activities across the world as well as the need to step up investments in cyber security products and services, and to support the existing and future needs of the industry – including SMEs in this area - to increase the EU global competitiveness in the ICT field. Finally, it will explore what remains to be done to equip Europe with the right tools to improve EU cyber resilience and to create a Single Market for cyber security products and services allowing the region to become a global leader in its development.
Despina Spanou, Director Digital Society Trust & Cybersecurity DG CONNECT, European Commission
Jürgen Schneider, Head of Product Security, SAP Global Security
Thomas Boué, Director General, Policy — EMEA, BSA l The Software Alliance
Nils Puhlmann, Chief Trust and Security Officer, Twilio
Geert Maes, Senior Manager, Industry & Infrastructure, Standards, CENELEC

Moderator: Brooks Tigner, Chief Policy Analyst, SECURITY EUROPE

11:10 – 11:30

Morning Coffee Break

11:30 – 11:45

Focus on... Securing mobility while Ensuring productivity– an ecosystem of encryption solutions

Jeroen de Muijnck, Managing Director, Sectra Communications B.V

11:45 – 13:00

Securing the Industrial Internet: responsibilities in the connect ecosystem

It is widely believed that the benefits of the Industrial Internet, which will soon boom with the deployments of 5G networks, will only be harnessed properly if consistent cyber security strategies and processes addressing the network requirements of the whole value-chain are developed.. This session will look at big picture issues regarding the cyber security implications of the digitization of European industry and national and EU critical infrastructure, and at how best to harness cooperation and develop collective responsibility to ensure the security of the entire industrial ecosystem. This session will discuss the main security challenges and opportunities faced by industries - including critical infrastructure operators - as well as solutions to meet the unique needs of each sector and how they address emerging threats. Speakers will explore the lessons security practitioners can learn from recent vulnerabilities that have emerged and that have been exploited by cyber criminals around the world, highlighting the responsibility of all stakeholders in the supply chain to develop a trusted ecosystem that remains appropriate and proportionate to each potential risk.. Participants will also examine the new risks and security threats the deployment of 5G networks may create and the best way to overcome these in order that 5G becomes part of the cyber security solution itself.. Finally the session will raise questions around the support organisations, especially SMEs, need in order to adopt a risk-based approach in the age of evolving threats.
Luigi Rebuffi, Secretary General, European Cyber Security Organisation
Nienke van den Berg, Director, Z-CERT
Zahra Khani, CEO and Founder, Firmalyser
Juan Losa, Head of Security Architecture within Engineering, BBVA
François Zamora, Chief Security Officer, European Division Orange on behalf of ETNO members

13:00 – 14:00

Networking Lunch


14:00 – 14:20

Thinking Point

Robert Hannigan, Former Director General, GCHQ

14:20 – 15:45

Building effective cyber deterrence and protecting our democratic processes at EU and global level: cooperation, detection, attribution and prosecution

Cyber-crimes and attacks that ignore national borders are increasing in intensity, magnitude and complexity. With large-scale cyber attacks by state and non-state actors exploiting the open nature of the internet, affecting citizens, businesses, public institutions and influencing or disrupting electoral processes, this is a critical moment for stakeholders and the international community to develop coordinated and cohesive strategies to defend against such attacks. This session will assess the results of the current collaborative work being done to build resilience and to counter cyber threats at both EU and global levels, including discussions on the current technological, legislative, diplomatic and law enforcement instruments that are being deployed to develop a global framework for cyber-conflict prevention, to stop and deter future interference in democratic systems and to support stability in an open and secure cyberspace. Central to the discussion will be issues related to cyber diplomacy, norms, attributions and cybercrime jurisdiction as well as the tools available to authorities for better detection, traceability and prosecution of offenders thanks to e-Evidence from digital forensic activities.

14:20 – 14:35

Session Opening Keynote

Antonio Missiroli, Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, NATO

14:35 – 15:45

High-Level Discussion

Antonio Missiroli, Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, NATO
Steven Wilson, Head of European Cybercrime Centre , EUROPOL
Liga Rozentale, Director of EU Governmental Affairs for Cybersecurity Policy, Microsoft
Rory Domm, Acting Head of the Security Policy Division, EEAS
Moderator: Ria Thomas, Partner, Brunswick Group



Thursday 8 November, 2018
09.00 to 17.00




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Rue du Commerce 9
Bruxelles 1000

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