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Speaker Biographies

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Confirmed Speakers

Henrik Hololei

Henrik Hololei

Director-General for Transport and Mobility, DG MOVE, European Commission


Henrik held various positions in the Estonian Government Office between 1995 and 2004. He was responsible for coordinating the work for the Estonian accession to the European Union, working directly with the Government and Prime Minister.

In 2001-2002 he was Minister of Economy.

In 2004 he moved to the European Commission as Head of Cabinet of Vice President Siim Kallas. Mr. Kallas' first mandate 2004-2010 dealt with Administration, Audit and Anti-Fraud and his second mandate 2010-2014 he was responsible for Transport.

From November 2013 he was Deputy Secretary General of the European Commission.

On October 1, 2015 he became Director-General for Mobility and Transport.

Eddy Hartog

Eddy Hartog

Head of Unit for Smart Mobility and Living, DG CONNECT, European Commission


Mr Hartog has Dutch nationality and was born and raised in Utrecht (the Netherlands). He obtained a degree in political economics at the Erasmus University (Rotterdam) and subsequently a post-graduate degree at the College of Europe (Bruges, Belgium).

He has worked in the European Commission since 1989, first in Trade policy, then in Regional policy and in Maritime policy and lately in Information Society and Media policy. He is a Head of Unit since 2003. His present responsibility (since July 2016) is Head of Unit for Smart Mobility and Living in DG Communication Networks, Content and Technology. Mr Hartog is married and has two daughters.

Charlene Rohr

Charlene Rohr

Senior Research Leader, RAND Europe


Charlene Rohr is a senior research leader at RAND Europe. Her research interest is in understanding factors that influence mobility and travel choices, using choice modelling and qualitative methods.

Rohr has been involved in developing travel demand forecasting models in the UK, Scandinavia and Australia. She has also contributed to the design and analysis of stated preference surveys to explore consumer behaviour more broadly in the transport, health and communication sectors. She has led a number of rapid evidence reviews, including one for the UK Department for Transport to identify factors influencing the levelling off of car travel in Britain. Her work also explores the influence of technology on travel demand. In 2015-16 she led a study for Innovate UK to develop future scenarios for Britain for 2035 exploring the impact of emerging technologies, including autonomous vehicles, on travel.

Currently she is leading a study for the European Parliament to quantify the social and economic impacts of changes to the Product Liability Directive on roll out of fully autonomous, or self-driving, vehicles, which includes undertaking interviews with key stakeholders (automobile manufacturers, insurers, policy-makers) and quantifying societal costs and benefits of different legislative scenarios. She has undertaken policy studies to examine travel behaviour of concessionary pass holders and to quantify costs and benefits of concessionary schemes and to quantify the impact of migration on transport infrastructure.

Rohr received her B.Sc. in civil engineering and her M.Sc. in transportation engineering from the University of Alberta, Canada.

Greg Archer

Greg Archer

Director, Clean Vehicles, Transport and Environment


Greg has been with T&E since 2012. He was previously the director of Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, a UK public-private partnership promoting the shift to clean vehicles and fuels. He has also worked as a non-executive director for the UK Government's Renewable Fuels Agency and Cenex, a centre of excellence for low carbon technologies.

At T&E, Greg leads the clean vehicles team, working on vehicle regulation and testing issues. A chemist by training, Greg describes himself as a “pragmatic environmentalist.”

Hinde Boulbayem

Hinde Boulbayem

Mobility Manager, SUMY - Sustainable Urban Logistics & Mobility


Full speaker biography will appear here shortly, please check back regularly for updates.



Wednesday 6 December, 2017
08.30 to 18.00








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