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Boosting sustainable consumption and behaviour: the Ecocheque, a Belgian practice involving employers into public policy

The recent communication on a monitoring framework for the circular economy  states four stages and aspects of the circular economy, among which production and consumption. However, actions to engage a behavioural evolution of Europeans’ consumption are lacking even though they are considered as essential for the environment. Such a move needs to be supported by various stakeholders to ensure the largest compliance.

Private and public employers can indeed be a relay to their employees, fellow citizens, to support an environmental cause. Therefore, employers can combine their sustainable goals and CSR involvement with a positive HR policy while proposing incentives solutions to their employees. The Ecocheque in Belgium is one among other tools at the disposal of innovative companies to balance their will of being environmentally engaged and their need for boosting their employees’ motivation.

According to the European Commission’s consultation of 2012 on delivering more sustainable consumption and production , Ecocheques represent an example of “financing tools at Member State level to fund and sustain environmental friendly purchasing (…) “ecocheques” [allow] final consumer to co-fund the purchase of more resource-efficient products”. It is therefore also a means for Member States to participate in the education of citizens regarding environmental issues (be they organic food, energy sources, mobility and transport, waste, etc.) and the increase of consumption of eco-friendly and resource-efficient products.

The next Policies & Practices’ session will raise the following issues:


  • the role that companies can play to improve the information and the involvement of citizens towards environmental questions
  • the possible assets for public authorities to partner with companies to amplify public policy messages
  • the existence of appropriate tools to link companies, public authorities and citizens into a mutual involvement for the shared purpose to boost green consumption



Tuesday 24 April, 2018
08.30 to 10.00




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1050 Brussels, Belgium

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